PIT BOSS 71820FB PB820FB BBQ Pellet Grill Reviews

Pellet grills are the fastest-growing segment of grills in the market today. It’s no surprise because they are super easy to use. And surprisingly they burn at a temperature high enough to handle smoking any type and size of meat. Why settle for less when you can get this Pit Boss 820 pellet grill at a giveaway price? This Pit Boss 820 review was inspired based on the long history of durable products manufactured by Pit Boss. Since 1999, Pit Boss, a subsidiary of Dansons Inc has been designing and producing portable and massive grills for everyone. They are known for their craftsmanship and family-style approach to business.

Pit Boss PB820FB BBQ Pellet Grill and Smoker Review

With this Pit Boss PB820FB wood pellet series, you get the best value per square inch. Fueled by all-natural BBQ wood pellets this Pit Boss pellet grill is suitable for smoking and grilling.

  • Dimension: 47.91 x 25.28 x 50.24 inches
  • Weight: 141.1 pounds
  • Cooking space: 820 square inches
  • Hopper capacity: 19 pounds
  • BTU value: 20,700 BTUs
  • Fueled by all-natural pellet
  • Push-button ignition
  • V1 control type
  • One meat probe
  • Tool hooks
  • A simple slide-plate flame broiler
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates
  • Max temperature up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit


Pit Boss 820 Review of 2023

1. Durability

Pit Boss understands the need to have a grill/smoker that can stand the test of time. With this Pit Boss 820 wood pellet grill, built with a 16 gauge powder-coated steel body, you can rest assured it can stand the test of time. The double-layer lid on this grill locks in the heat in the cooking chamber preventing loss of heat to the environment while cooking. And with the porcelain-enamel coated cast iron grate, you have no worries about rust or corrosion. Moreover, porcelain enamel makes the grate nonstick which is a big plus when you are considering ease of use and cleaning. In addition to the rugged construction of this grill, you also get sturdy legs and two large wheels.

2. 8-in-1 Cooking System

Another thing we would be looking at in this Pit Boss pro series review is the versatility of this grill. This pellet grill is a versatile grill that offers you the versatility of up to eight different cooking options in one grill. So, when we say why should you settle for less when you can get this Pit Boss grill, we are talking about the versatility it offers. You can use the Pit Boss 820 grill to smoke, grill, braise, roast, sear, bake, char-grill, and BBQ. The versatility of this grill makes it suitable for cooking any meat just how you like it.

3. Cooking Space

When you’re talking about what you can do with this grill, well, there is no limit. With the ample grilling space you get on this grill, cooking for a medium to large crowd comes easy. The cooking chamber offers you a primary and secondary cooking space, which contributes to the versatility of this grill. The main cooking space is 580 square inches, while the removable upper rack is 240 square inches, which makes a total of 820 square inches. With a cooking space this big, you can size up to 42 burgers comfortably on this grill. You also get a foldable side table with a built-in bottle opener and hooks where you can hang your tools. The bottom shelf also comes in handy in storing food.

4. BTU Value

If what you need is a grill that can burn at a super high temperature, then this Pit Boss 820 grill will suffice. Boasting up to 20,700 BTUs of heat, you can be sure to get a decent amount of heat from this unit. This grill is capable of producing temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This heating power provides you with a real searing power to handle any recipe you throw at it.

5. Hopper Capacity

Pellet grills require a hopper to serve as an igniter to keep the pellet burning. Although pellet grills use pellets as the main fuel source, it also needs a power outlet to power the hopper. This grill features a large 18 pounds hopper capacity. With a hopper this size, you have little worry about refueling too frequently.

6. Easy to Use

The Pit Boss 820 is a very easy pellet grill to use. It comes with a lot of features that make using it a breeze. For example, on the hopper of this grill is a digital thermostatic dial controller. This digital thermostatic dial controller lets you adjust the temperature of this grill with ease. And with the lid-mounted temperature gauge and meat probe, you can monitor your cooking progress without ever having to open the lid. Another feature that stands out about this grill that makes it easy to use is the automatic startup and cool down. The fan-forced convection helps with the cooling process.

7. Easy to Clean

Lastly, the Pit Boss pellet grill 820 is super easy to clean after every use. The porcelain-enamel coating makes cleaning a breeze. Moreover, the simple slide-plate flame broiler is angled to divert drippings to the grease bucket that is hanging near the side table. Not to even mention pellet burns with very little residue.

  • High-temperature range
  • Ample grilling space
  • Durably built
  • Easy to move in and out of your backyard
  • Easy to use and clean
  • When you switch the cooking temperature, the auger takes a while to adjust to the new set temperature

How to Use Pit Boss 820 Grill

Using the Pit Boss 820 wood pellet grill is quite easy. Below is a guide that teaches you how to use this grill safely and effectively:

pit boss 820 review

1. Have Fuel in the Hopper

Like with any type of grill, the first thing you need to do is provide the fuel. And in the case of this pellet grill, add the fuel to the hopper. Here’s a rule of thumb, for low slow smoking, add 2 pounds of pellets into the hopper or 4 pounds for fast hot smoking.

2. Set the Grill to Smoker While the Lid is Open

With the pellet in the hopper, open the lid and then set the grill to smoke. After about 3 ½ to 4 minutes the grill will stop to feed the pellet, giving chance for the igniter to light before feeding more fuel.

3. Go in and Prepare Your Food

Prepare the meat how you like it. If you want to cut it, baste it, or marinate it, now is the time. Add the spice you want to add. Let the grill burn for about 3 minutes or more to ensure you get the right temperature before adding the meat.

4. Watch for Thick Smoky Clouds

When you see thick smoky clouds coming from your grill, you will know you are ready to start grilling. So, when you see the clouds let it burn for about 3 to 4 minutes, then it will dissipate before you load the grill.

5. Crank it up and Start Grilling

After the clouds, the fan-forced convection will blow the flame inside the grill. From this point, you can increase the temperature of the grill and start grilling. It can take about 5 to 6 minutes before the grill will climb to your desired temperature.


In conclusion, this Pit Boss 820 review was written to enlighten you on the goodness of an 8-in-1 pellet grill. The durable construction and high heat produced by this grill make it even more baffling. And when you consider the price to the value you get from this grill, you’d feel enticed.

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