How To Clean a Grill Grate | BBQ Grill Grate Cleaning System

Who does not love to have grilled food once in a while? As you walk by the streets, the aroma of the fiery, saucy food from the restaurant floats in the air and triggering your taste buds. Now, you are definitely craving some peri-peri grilled chicken. From a barbeque party to a quiet evening at your home watching Netflix, we all enjoy some smoking grilled chicken or beef immersed in BBQ sauce for dinner. So, why not buy your own grill grate and master the art of grilling? If you have decided to own a grill grate, it is important to know how to take care of it too. From how to operate it to how to clean it, you should have complete knowledge while using it. So, let us take a look at how to clean the grill grate.

How to you clean your grate depends on the type of grill grate you are using. The method of cleaning porcelain grates differs from that of cleaning stainless steel grates. However, the first question is, why do we need to make sure that we are taking care of our devices? If kept dirty, the food particles and oil deposits start to accumulate and eventually, lead to the growth of harmful bacteria or can increase the chances of fire accidents. This may affect the quality of your food and cause disease. So, make sure you clean your grates regularly and go through deep cleaning at least once a year. 

Taking Care of Porcelain Grates

Even though heat and rust-resistant, porcelain grates are said to be very delicate and vulnerable to damage if scrubbed too hard. So, make sure you read the manual carefully. Not abiding by the instructions properly may make your warranty invalid. Any dent on the coating may expose the metal underneath, which is prone to rust. So, be careful while cooking, and do not use steel wool or brass brush for scrubbing. Then, what tools to use for cleaning purposes? 

porcelain grill grates

Buy a nylon scrubber brush which is not abrasive like a brass brush and hence, does not grind away the coating. It is advised to choose a bent brush to reach in between the gaps of the grating. Gently scrub in one direction while the grill is warm. To get rid of stubborn stains of sauce or grease, damp your nylon brush while cleaning. Remember to clean the side under the grill. Turn it over when it is cool enough to be touched and then, continue cleaning in the same way. However, it is more tedious to clean the underside because food particles and sauce seep into it while cooking. Separate any removable parts and clean them in the same manner.

Taking Care of Iron and Stainless Steel Grates

stainless steel grill grates
Both iron grates and stainless steel are resilient and heat resistant. However, while the iron is vulnerable to rusting, stainless steel is somewhat tough towards rusting. To clean them, we can use a nylon scrubber or a stainless steel grill brush which has soft but effective bristles. First, heat the grill for 10 to 15 minutes to make it warm. In the case of stainless steel, you can opt to wrap the top of the grates with aluminum foil to heat the grates strongly. This will soften any food residue on the grating to make it easy to be wiped away. Some of the residues will also burn off. Scrub the grates well with the brush after they cool down. Next, wipe away any water on the grates and brush it with a coat of vegetable oil to prevent rusting.

Deep Cleaning

Once a year, carry out a deep cleaning process to clean your grates. Immerse your grates in a solution of vinegar and baking soda completely. You can use a garbage bag to do this since it is large enough to fit your grates and then, tie it close after putting in the grates. Let it be for the entire night and you will see most of the dirt coming off the next day. Scrub off any deposits that are stuck with a brush and rinse well with water. Next, use a towel to dry it.


To take care of your grill grates, you have to clean it regularly. Putting off with the cleaning process will only make it harder for you to clean it later. So, follow the simple procedure mentioned above and keep using your device from any damage and continue to make delicious grilled food. 

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