How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates Part by Part

If you are in a party mood or you have time to plan for a family get together then you must have thought about the menu, which you can make in a relevant and very much convenient time. And again you are looking for fun while preparing the food. Then you must go to an open sky party where grilled food is the prior choice of everyone. Then you must feel the necessity of having a cast iron grill grate.

Well. Nature always tries to balance our state of condition. So after the fun, you must confront the punishment. That comes when you start cleaning your cast iron grill grate.

Let’s start with how to clean cast iron grill grates!

Cleaning a Cast Iron Grill Grates Step by Step

There are several tactics and techniques in cleaning a cast-iron grill grate. Nobody knows which one will be your convenient way of cleaning or which will suit your condition the most. So I’ve decided to discuss every itchy bitchy thing of cleaning a cast iron grill grate.

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Washing Properly

Nobody wants to work after having a blast. But hold on, my friend. You are damaging your thing. After every use, you have to have properly rinse it with water. Thus all the food particle removes by this process. After rinsing dry it up and store.

Heating the Grate

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If you really missed the first step of cleaning, then your food particle must have dried in the grates. So, rinsing is not working anymore. Then you must heat the grate thus all the food particles are in the grate is just burn away. If you are using a gas hitting grate, then you must heat the grate to increase the heating volume to the full or if you are using a charcoal grate then you must open the charcoal vent. Thus it heats properly up to 6000 C. When it is in a suitable condition of touch, then you must scrape with a scraper and you might dabbed a bit vegetable oil thus, it can keep itself away from rust.

Using Soapy Water and Steel Wool

This process has a demerit point. Because after applying this process, you must re-season your seasoned grilled grate. So if you don’t want to do that then you must skip this process. For this type of cleaning action, you need hot soapy water and steel wool. This process not only helps you to remove the surface rust but also removes the seasoning in the grill grate. After this process, the grate will be in a bare metal condition. Following this, the grate should be rinsed thoroughly and dried up properly. The best method of drying is using a low oven. By this moisture is soaked properly.

Soaking in liquid

Soaking in a liquid is also a convenient way of cleaning. In this process, you will be able to remove the attached soil in the grill grates. At first, you have to soak it under liquid of ¼ cup of ammonia for about three consecutive hours thus soil is off from the ground of the grate.

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Self-cleaning Oven 

There is some cast iron grate that can be cleaned by using a self-cleaning oven. But you must read the user manual before using a self-cleaning oven to clean a grill grate. This method is used when it gets rusty. All you need to do is run the self-cleaning cycle. When it is cooled then you must need to wash it with soapy water. Thus it

Using Vinegar

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50/50 water-vinegar solution is needed for this process to lay the grill flat thus it can soak in the solution properly of about one hour. Then you need to scrub it with a scrubber. You need to clean it again with soapy water when the rust is clear. Because you might not want any vinegar to left behind in the grate.

Oven Cleaning 

When there is too much rust oven cleaning can show its magic. Following this process will lead you to your cast iron in bare metal as well. This cleaning method needs an alkaline solution for cleaning. This process starts from spraying the alkaline solution in the grill grate then you need to put it in a garbage bag. Sealing the garbage bag is also an important part of this process. Afterward, keeping it somewhere far from reach.

After removing the crud rinsing and soapy water wash is necessary for proper cleaning.

Seasoning is too essential for the long ability of a cast grill grate. Mainly seasoning is applying fat or oil in the grill grates. After using dabbed a bit of oil or fat will help you to use it even after a big break. Moreover, it will help you to store for a longer period of time.

These cast iron grills are very durable and it can sustain ages after age. You might find one in your house if you search properly that your grandparents used to BBQ. This type of cock wares are inexpensive and again help to prepare testy food which normal cock wares fail to make. It is also nonstick at affordable prices.


Though you might find it hard to maintain your cast iron grill grate but trust me all the hard labor you are putting behind is worth it. Following the cleaning steps will help you to use it in upcoming family functions and even one day your grandchild may like to gossip about it in a friendly or a family gathering.

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