The 5 Best George Foreman Grills Review in 2022

Do you live for barbecue nights? Are you a big fan of burgers, hot dogs, and a mean steak? Is a grill an essential part of your kitchen and backyard?

If the answer to all the questions above is a big, fat yes, you have come to the right corner of the Internet.

It is no secret that George Foreman offers some fantastic products on the market. Therefore, depending on the size and appearance, I will tell you about a few of the best George Foreman grills machines you can purchase today. Each comes with a uniqueness of its own, and can change your barbecue game!

Review Summary

Editor Choice: George Foreman 5-Serving Multi Plate

George Foreman 5-Serving model comes with ceramic grill plates for five serving. Its digital control panel also makes operating it a breeze.

Best Value: George Foreman 4-Serving

This George foreman grill heats 35% times faster than regular grills. It also has a perfect 4 serving removable plates grill for get-together and tailgate.

George Foreman Electric Grill: George Foreman 9-Serving Classic

This is a bigger George Foreman electric grill that can accommodate up to 9 servings. It’s portable and a perfect family choice.

Best George Foreman Plate Grill: George Foreman GR0040B 2-Serving Classic

For those looking for a smaller sized George Foreman grill, this grill is perfect. It offers two servings, it’s portable and durable.

Best George Foreman Outdoor Grill: George Foreman 15-Serving

Choose this 15 serving George Foreman electric cooker for larger groups grilling. Its circular and its 240 square inch surface is perfect for your everyday barbeque.

Why George Foreman Grill

george foreman grills review

All George Foreman grills come with benefits that make them so convenient to use:

Most of Them Have Fat Draining Feature

You will see a recurring point in all the products that I have reviewed below: they all come with a fat reducing option. This is superb for most barbecue-loving people who do not like super greasy food. Additionally, this fat draining feature makes clean up hassle-free.

Fuel Availability Will Not Hamper Grilling

A significant benefit of George Foreman roasters is that several of them do not require electricity or fuel. Therefore, even if the power is out, you can make use of your machine. Also, lighting up your appliance will be quick and straightforward.

Cleaning is Super Easy

George Foreman grills come with a layer of non-stick coating, which is honestly a lifesaver when it comes to big parties. Once the product has chilled down, all you have to do is take a towel and wipe it. Some of the models come with detachable grills that can go straight to the dishwasher!

They are Energy Efficient Machines

For a regular grill, you will need to wait for a while for it to heat up to your desired temperature. However, with the George Foreman products, both heating and cooling periods are short. This saves you precious time and allows you to enjoy your cooking process.

Top 5 Best George Foreman Grills Review 2022

Depending on how often you plan barbecues, how many people you plan on feeding, and how good your barbecue game is, you will need one of these George Foreman products.

#1. George Foreman 5-Serving Multi Plate – Editor Choice


  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 15.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 15.5 pounds
  • Advanced Ceramic Plates
  • Digital Timer and Temperature Controls


Our first pick is this George Foreman electric grill that comes with a four-in-one functionality and will change how you prepare food. The four functions include the following: a grill, a panini press, a muffin pan, and a baking dish. There are ceramic plates that are top-notch and durable.

These are used to roast steak, veggies, fish, and chicken. You can use the product for various types of cooking if you swap the plates out for the deep dish baking pan. The temperature and time controls here are entirely digital, and there is also a searing option that lets you heat it to about 500 degrees.

This George Foreman grill gives restaurant-quality meals with every serving. The searing option of this machine helps soak all the juices and keeps them intact within the meat rather than giving you a dry meal. This product is said to reduce up to 42% of fat consumption while cooking.

The grease is drained quickly into the drip tray. You do not need to use excessive butter or oil while cooking with this grill as the food will not stick to the surface. The number of people you can serve with this machine is five. It also comes with a ceramic plate which is an alternative to the more common non-stick coating.

However, the waffle plate that comes with this machine does have a regular non-stick coating. This is practical since waffles leave behind quite a mess.

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What We Like
  • Digital display of time and temperature
  • Five different settings for temperature control
  • Serves up to five people
  • The hinge floats and is adjustable
  • Plates are removable and easy to clean
  • Quick to cook meals
What We Don’t Like
  • Waffles cook unevenly
  • Many find it hard to tilt

#2. George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill – Best Value


  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 6.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 9.9 ounces
  • Advanced Non-Stick Coating
  • Removable Plates


This one best small George Foreman grill and it can serve 4 people in one cook. The item has a rather small sixty-inch cooking space and has detachable plates which are dishwasher friendly. As the plates come with a non-stick coating, you can cook without butter and oil, which lowers the fat consumption quite a lot.

Moreover, this is also helpful for the place where you are cleaning it. George Foreman assures that the plates are long-lasting. Furthermore, they can withstand continuous cooking and cleaning. One more exciting feature of this product is that it warms up thirty-five percent faster than the previous models. Hence, it can offer you faster meals.

But it is not all bells and whistles. The power cord is short, and you will probably need an extended power cable most of the time. Another troublesome feature is the power button, or the lack thereof. The absence of the power button means you cannot leave it plugged in after you are done using it to prep a meal.

The lack of temperature controls means the delicate meats have to be roasted carefully or you will burn them. This could be tiring for you if you do not like the idea of standing by the grill the entire time. But if you are looking forward to cooking up easy and quick meals for your family of up to four, then this should do you good.

What We Like
  • Removable plates, so easy to clean
  • Faster healing means faster cooking
  • More durable coating
  • Comes with lightweight aluminum plates
  • Works wonderfully with defrosted meats
What We Don’t Like
  • Short power cord
  • Lack of on/off button

#3. George Foreman 9-Serving Classic Plate GR-144 – Best George Foreman Electric Grill


  • Product Dimensions: 20.8 x 7.8 x 15.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 10.48 pounds
  • Classic Plate Grill George Tough Nonstick Coating
  • Dual Cooking Positions


Whether you are on a budget or just want a compact grill that can cook various dishes, this product is highly recommended. George Foreman products do not disappoint. This electric roaster provides heat to the food from both the top and bottom.

The fixed plates are coated with a dual-layer non-stick material which makes it easier to clean. Fixed plates are said to be more effective with heat than removable plates. As a result of this, both sides receive the heat evenly.

With its rather large surface of 144 square inches, you can serve up to nine people in one cook. The appliance is rather famous for delivering moist meat and keeps the chicken breast more tender and delicious. Also, the Foreman grill can keep you from using unnecessary oil.

Moreover, the product has a standard floating hinge that helps meat of even thickness to get those nice and dark grill marks on both sides. Below the plates is a drip tray that catches the dripping grease and does not let any of it slip.

This machine is set up with the back being a bit higher than the front, so the drippings fall into the drip tray smoothly. And this helps you reduce the time to clean up. The tray is also dishwasher friendly. Also, the cooking time is fast, and your children will love it since they do not have to sit waiting for their meals to cook after school.

Furthermore, this extra-large George Foreman grill is not a hassle to clean since it has a non-stick surface. The use of a damp cloth is not going to be an issue. However, the absence of an on/off switch is a mentionable disadvantage.

What We Like
  • Serves up to nine people
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting non-stick coating
  • Allows faster cook time
  • Even heat distribution
  • Has a floating hinge mechanism
  • Clear grilling marks
What We Don’t Like
  • Takes up more space
  • Grease gathers behind the plate

#4. George Foreman GR0040B 2-Serving Classic – Best George Foreman Plate Grill Review


  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 4.2 x 9 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Exclusive Fat Removing Design
  • Power indicator light


All George Foreman grills can be classified into four types: basic, premium, advanced, and indoor/outdoor grills. And all of these come with their unique specs. The advanced machines have removable plates that are easy to clean; the basic ones are compact and serve a small number of people.

Premium Foreman products offer you the latest and greatest tech with your appliance, while the indoor/outdoor ones feature removable stands along with huge roasting surfaces.

This product falls perfectly in the basic category of George Foreman grills. It is the original appliance that made the name George Foreman so popular. Some of the notable features of this one are the tough and durable non-stick coating, the drip tray, and the fat reducing slope. The surface is very easy to clean as a result of the non-stick coating.

Moreover, the coating ensures constant barbecuing and washing for an extended period. When you see the oil that the slope gets rid of, you will be astonished to know how much you were consuming. This appliance provides healthy meals without compromising the taste.

A drip tray gathers all the oil and grease making the entire contraption more easy to clean.

If you are a couple and have limited space, the appliance is perfect for you guys as it serves two people at once. This is surely a small George Foreman grill, but do not let the size deceive you. It can do as good a job as the extra-large products.

What We Like
  • Simple design
  • Perfect for a busy couple, or even students
  • It takes just four minutes to heat up
  • Great power efficiency
  • Food is seared perfectly
What We Don’t Like
  • Small cooking surface
  • Short power cable

#5. George Foreman 15-Serving – Best George Foreman Outdoor Grill


  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 20 x 20.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 17 pounds
  • Unique Sloped Surface
  • Removable Stand
  • George Tough Nonstick Coating


This extra-large George Foreman grill serves up to fifteen people at a time. That is saying a lot about this one. This product does not use gas or charcoal, which makes it more environment-friendly than others. The surface of this item expands to up to 40 square inches, which meets the demands for huge backyard parties.

Moreover, the domed lid of this Foreman grill traps the steam inside. This lets your meat stay tender and moist while tasting delicious. The machine comes with a pedestal that automatically turns it into a unique piece. It is perfect for cooking on the patio, in the backyard, or better yet, by the poolside.

Did rain ruin all the fun? No worries as the grill can easily be removed from the stand, and you can take it into the house for cooking in your kitchen.

Similar to all George Foreman grills, this product also has a fat-removing slope that helps to reduce fat consumption and provide healthier meals. The long-lasting non-stick coating stays on there for a long time and keeps you from using more butter and oil.

Additionally, the included drip tray will collect all the grease, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. If you are someone who is looking for a product that can be used both indoor and outdoor and is not looking to spend much, this one is for you. It is perfect for hosting big barbecue parties.

What We Like
  • Serves as many as fifteen people
  • Comes with five variable heat settings
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Cooks as fast as a charcoal roaster
  • Great value for money
What We Don’t Like
  • Absence of temperature gauge
  • The stand is not sturdy enough

What to Look for Before You Buy

We have already established how and why George Foreman grills are easily some of the best appliances you will find out there. Durable, efficient, allowing quick, hassle-free cooking, these machines are terrific for both beginner and expert level cooks.

george foreman grills

When going through the various Foreman options you have, there are several things you need to be looking at. This is because there are differences in these products, as each comes with a different price tag.

There are four factors that we will discuss below, and you could decide which George Foreman grill to pick, based on the factor that you need the most:

Efficiency & Temperature Controls

Efficiency is an easy thing to guess about; the best cheap George Foreman grills will be comparatively less efficient than the more expensive ones. The efficiency is affected by the temperature. As discussed in the reviews above, the temperature control option comes with a few of the Foreman products, but not all.

This could or could not be an issue, based on your personal preferences when it comes to cooking on the appliance.

For instance, if you like to be working at your station at all times, a cheaper Foreman grill would not be an issue. This is because the temperature will not be adjustable; as long as the machine is on, the roasting will go on.

The more expensive George Foreman items are more versatile. This is more suited to those who are looking to perform a variety of cooking techniques with their product.

When you are in control of the temperature, you can get creative with your culinary skills. Also, you will not be required to keep an eye on the cooking constantly. The more expensive products also allow you more space to cook food for several people at once.

Some have room for food for two people, while others can hold rations for up to fifteen people at once!

How Easy It is to Clean

When it comes to the topic of user-friendliness, Foreman machines are at the top. They offer the fat drip removal feature, usually allow temperature control, and come with a layer of the non-stick coating.

These features are what make these appliances so well-known. All of the characteristics above ensure a great cooking experience, regardless of whether you are an amateur cook or a master chef who has tried it all.

Level of User-Friendliness

Last but not least, the cleanability of these machines is impressive. The non-stick coating and fat-removing features aid in this department. Some of the grills are even detachable, which are good to go in your dishwasher after a long day of cooking.

However, you need to keep in mind that these machines are comparatively more expensive than the economic Foreman grills.

Based on your requirements for your George Foreman product, and the budget you have, you could make a purchase. The more versatile your product is, the higher will be the price tag. Most of these products are user-friendly when compared to other brands in the market. Therefore, whichever Foreman item you buy will come in handy.

Frequently Asked Questions

George foreman grill

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best rated George Foreman grills:

Can I Use an Extension Cord with my Appliance?

Yes, but only if the electrical rating of the cord is as much as that of the appliance.

Is it Okay to Use Marinade and Barbecue Sauce?

Both of those can be used.

Can the Provided Dripping Tray be Used in a Dishwasher?

Yes, the tray can be removed and is dishwasher friendly.

Can the Detachable Plates be Washed in a Dishwasher?

The plates can be washed in a dishwasher.

Can I Store the Indoor/Outdoor Grill Outdoors?

You can, but make sure to use the round cover when storing outdoors.

Can I Make Pizza on It?

Yes, the indoor/outdoor grill is great for making pizzas. You don’t need a separate stone for making pizza.

How Do I Clean the Product?

First, make sure the appliance is unplugged and cool. Wash the provided drip trays and plates after every use. Using warm water is recommended if there’s too much grease. A damp cloth can be used to wipe the outside. You can also place the plates and tray in the dishwasher.

Why Does the Light on the Temperature Control Probe Blink?

This is nothing to be worried about. The light blinks on and off, meaning the machine is maintaining a consistent temperature.

How Does the Broiling Mode Work?

The broiling mode will work after the upper plate is removed. After removal, the lid becomes closer to the height keeping a gap in between. This allows the infrared broiling elements to hover over your food.


Regardless of which of the products you go for, you can safely say that you have one of the best George Foreman grills with you at home. These machines will last you a long time and allow you to cook to your heart’s content without any trouble.

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