Privacy Policy

The documentation of a website which contains the necessary information collected by the website from the viewers is known as privacy policy. It is used for letting the users know what information will they be disclosing to the website. And how it relates to their work.

We have our own privacy policies as well. It is just to notify you about the information we collect, use and disclose from the information we collected from you people.

The information we collect

IP Address

IP addresses are like an identification number on the internet. Everyone has their own significant unique id. Whenever a user is connected to the internet their IP address is tracked by every website you access on the internet. It’s used to keep track of your whereabouts. We collect that information as traffic data to send you your required information.

Personal Identification

Personal information collection is depended on the user’s wish to be connected with us in the long term. It’s not a compulsory requirement here. The information is collected to inform the users about the activities related to the site.

Personal identification like phone numbers, email addresses, names, addresses are the requirements here which is totally voluntary. It’s collected in the form of registration or getting newsletters or even in exchange of some premium services. Which can’t be done by the anonymous visitors.

Public Information

Along with the personal identification we collect some public information as well. And it’s not voluntary.

Public information is information that doesn’t concern over the user’s personal identity. Like the browser name, or the device they use to access the website, some technical information like ISP settings or operating system.

These information helps us to interact better with the users accessing the website.


Cookies are used in websites to provide better user experience to the visitors. These are some information that gets recorded into the user’s hard drive. It makes the website run better on the browser. Also, it helps the website to keep track of the users for better second time experiences.

It’s not a mandatory requirement either. Users can refuse to accept cookies through their browser settings. Or they can set up an alert for asking permission before accepting cookies from any site. However, doing that will cause some inconveniences while running the website.

So, it’s better to give access to cookies for better experience in the website.

Use of the information

We have a definite purpose of collecting information of the users. The main goal is to ensure better services for the users and give them a good experience if using the websites. Other than that, there are some more purposes as well. They are as follows-

  • Better service for the customer: The provided information will enable us to respond to customer requests and provide support more proficiently.
  • Distinguish user experience: It helps to get an idea of the user’s action as a group and helps us to optimize the resources on the website.
  • Improve the website: Customer feedback has always been the improving motivation for any kind of business or workplace. We are doing the same.
  • Keeping the users updated: By the provided information we constantly keep updating the users about our upcoming activities and offers.

Protection of information

We make sure your information is completely in safe hands. We take on the best possible measures to secure your data. Any kind of unauthorized entry, destruction, alteration or disclosure of information on our site is strictly monitored by our programmers and security specialists. So, you will never need to worry about the information getting leaked or misused.

Controlling the information

We are very much careful of not sharing your information with anyone. We make sure that any kind of selling, trading or renting of personal information doesn’t take place. Some information like demographic or statistical information might be shared with our partners, advertisers or affiliates for better business environment and improvement. But none of your personal information is shared with anyone.

Linked Websites

While going through our websites you may come across some links or contents from other websites of advertising, business partners, suppliers and third parties. These services or contents are not in our control. So, whatever they provide is completely separate from our services and policies. These links have no apparent connection with us. They might be changing time to time. These linked sites have their own policies and conditions that aren’t concerned with us. So, interaction with those websites are liable to their own policies.


You may see ads on our site floating around. They are most probably put up by our advertising partners. Most of those ads contain cookies that collect non personal information and send targeted ads towards you. Those ads and cookies have nothing to do with our websites or your personal information. They are based on the demographics and your search volumes.

As we are associates to some affiliate programs, we are bound have these services enabled in our website.

Policy changes

This is not a permanent policy. We can add or remove clauses from the policy according to our convenience. When that happens, we will make sure our users know about the changes. They will be highlighted at the bottom of the page. It’s recommended to keep checking for the updates.


If you are going to use the site continuously then it means you have completely accepted to the privacy policies. If you have any complaints regarding the policies be sure to let us know. It’s legitimate, we will surely take up on your suggestions.