How to Choose the Best Grill for You

Grilling is nowadays a favorite cooking option for many people who loves to cook in a different way from the regular cooking process. You already know warm is not much far away. Like me, you all are ready for some grilling time. Yeah, it’s perfect summer time to hang out with your family and friends.

So, what’s so special about your grill? Or you decided to have one. It’s important to pick the right type of grill. You should remember that this is not just a grill. This will be the equipment you buy to make food for your beloved persons. Before buying, don’t miss out on this opportunity to know about the grills I explain here.

Top 5 Best Types of Grills Review for 2021

It’s hard to decide exactly how to choose a grill because you’ve got many options for different types of grills. But it also helps you to choose the exact one for your cooking.

#1. Portable grills

portable gas grill

A portable gas grill is very affordable for your backyard and for traveling. A compact grill means you can cook anywhere you want. You will get different styles like tabletop and standing grills with foldable and portable cart option. Also, some of them are electric and few of them are small cans to operate propane. These grills are easily transported from one location to another, reasonable in price and can get in all generals. Usually, the size of portable grills is smaller than others so the surface area would be limited. You have to keep in mind about the number of foods before cooking.

#2. Gas grills

gas grill

People who are looking for more space for grilling, gas grills would be a better choice for them. You will get a variety of sizes. And for bigger and a lot of grilling, 6 burner gas grills would be best which are now most popular in the market. With this, you will be able to cook a whole lot of food easily. But if you want to carry it for outdoor cooking then you can pick portable gas grills. Gas grills are usually more expensive so you have to be prepared to spend more money on it. Those who don’t want to compromise the quality in return for the price can check this best budget gas grills to get their preferable grills.

#3. Charcoal Grills

charcoal grill

If you wants significant heat and dark crust on your steak, a charcoal grill can touch your heart. There are different types of Charcoal Grills available on market. But, Charcoal Grills are more portable and less expensive than other grills. The main concern is charcoal takes time to reach the higher temperatures. You need to preheat the coals and it takes minimum 20-30 minutes before ready to grill. You can’t switch off like a gas grill to turn it off. You need to close the lid and give time to extinguish. Don’t use water to make coal off. Let the grill sit before removing ash. You will also need to spend more time to clean up your grill and removing ashes.

#4. Outdoor Electric Grills

outdoor electric grill

City residents who live in a condo where gas or charcoal grilling is not allowed or who doesn’t have a large outdoor space or backyard are mostly preferred electrical grills. Some people also choose outdoor electric grills to avoid the hassle of running out of gas or cleaning up the ash after grilling. These grills are run by electricity and cook meat using heated grill plates. The best part of electric grills is you just need to plug it into and outlet and start grilling and it heats up quickly. 

You don’t need to provide any fire or gas for cooking. But from electric grills, you will miss the smoky flavor and taste of traditional grilling. There are indoor and outdoor both categories are available. In general, for indoor grill people prefer it most. But you can also use it for outdoor cooking. For best outdoor grill you can checkout ever-popular and top rated George foreman grills where you can get indoor or outdoor both kinds of grills. The price range of electric grills is average. Not so expensive or cheap.

#5. Smokers

grill smoker

Slow cook lovers who want to cook a large amount of food over a longer period of time, and pack in the flavor, obviously smokers are for them. Smokers are bigger than average grills and can function electronically or be fueled by charcoal or gas. You will get a verity of choices. You have to wait a little longer to enjoy the final meal because smokers cook foods at lower temperatures over longer periods of time. Gas and charcoal grills are also great for grilling, but nothing provides rich flavor like a smoker and also wide in size.

The cooking process is comparatively hands-off and in low heat with a slow process, which will allow you to enjoy the day while cooking with only random checks on the smoker. If you already have a charcoal grill or gas grill or even electric grill you can also turn your grill into a smoker and make gas grill smoker combo! Some people never want to compromise on the quality and want to get the best product under the budget. For them, smokers would be easy to pick for their grilling. You can get smokers at cheap or expensive price with many kinds of functions. 


To sum up, in point of fact, there is no right way to answer which one is the best grill. It all depends on your personal preferences and needs. Everyone has their own view about how to grill and what types of the grill to use to get the best results. But selecting the right one needs a lot of experience. So, before choose one clearly understand the features and importance of your use.

There are many famous brands, who offers exclusive functions for grilling. There is no option to stuck yourself right now. Just go over and read the guides to pick yours on your need.

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