Terms of Service

Below are the terms and conditions associated with the use of our website. All the content and services fall under that. We care for your opinion on the terms and conditions of our website. We are open to any kind of suggestion you have for us. And these terms and conditions are subject to that.

Right before you start using this website, we recommend you to read out the agreement. Because by using the website you already agree to the terms and conditions stated in the agreement. And if you don’t go through the terms and conditions or you have issues with some of them then you’re refusing to use the website. Acceptance to these terms are your access to the website. Anything going wrong beyond that won’t be our responsibility.

  1. Regarding your account and site: Whenever you register on the site to get access to the premium stuff, it’s your responsibility to assure your account security. Any kind of activity from your account will be on you. If you happen to see any unauthorized entry on your account quickly inform us. After your creation of an account here, we are not concerned about it unless it’s some issue from our end.
  2. Contributors Duty: If you post something on the website then it’s totally your liability. Any kinds of harmful content will result in taking actions against you. We won’t have anything to do with it. You will be totally responsible for the files you upload and lacking on them. So, it’s your duty to make sure the uploaded content is appropriate and proper. Also, we always have the right to disapprove your contents whenever we feel it goes against our community guidelines.
  3. Services: When you subscribe for the services you get access to email support. Which means you will get updates and new of the website activities through email. Also, you will get to ask for technical assistance through the email support. We are bound to answer you within 48 hours.
  4. Visitors Responsibility: The visitors are responsible for their interactions with the contents of the contributors. We are not concerned with these things. If you click on a link or download a file or get offended by a content then you can’t blame it on us. It’s none of our liabilities to take control over those contents. So, if you have issues with the contents that’s all up on you. We won’t be of any help out here.
  5. Contents from other websites: The websites linked with us or the websites we are linked to have no correlation. If you click on these links or see similar contents then we can’t be of any help. Because we don’t have control over other websites and we are not responsible for the websites that links to ours. Anything going wrong with these are not our liabilities. It’s totally up to you. So be careful of where you are clicking and click at your own risk.
  6. Intellectual Property: We always encourage authenticity. We expect that others will respect our intellectual property rights as we respect others. If you happen to find anything that violates the intellectual property law be sure to notify us. We will surely take steps on it. If it’s done by a contributor then we will sure take action against them and be sure to get things right the way we can.
  7. Advertising: We have the right to display advertisements throughout our websites. Unless you have a premium account with us you can’t have any complaint against that. As premium accounts provide you with ad free surfing.
  8. Partners: When you connect with a partner product from our website you automatically agree to their terms and conditions. You can always get out of those services by cancelling the partnership.
  9. Changes we make: We have the authority to make any kind of changes we want within the website and these agreements. We can make changes to this at any time. You should always keep checking this agreement for changes. Also, we will notify about some upcoming changes beforehand. Changes can include change in design, upgrading tools, uploading new tools, change in policies and conditions.
  10. Expiration: We can close your access to the website whenever we wish to. We won’t be liable to answer you. And it can be done without a notice as well. If you have issues with this agreement you can stop using this website right away. Though for the premium account holder we will give a notification of thirty days and the cause will be probably the violation of this particular agreement.
  11. Limited Liability: Neither we nor our partners are liable to answering you regarding any of the subject matter discussed in this agreement. Also, we are not liable to disclose any of the costing information of the products and services we provide.
  12. General Representation: By agreeing to these conditions you warrant that your usage of the website will be according to the policy and agreement we give. Also, your use of this website won’t be a misuse of the intellectual property right of other outer websites.
  13. Indemnification: With this agreement you assure to hold us harmless for any kind of expenses, fees that incur from using the website.
  14. Mixed: This term is the summary of all the other ones we talked about. It constitutes the whole agreement between you and concerning the matter. These terms and conditions can only be modified by our executive members. Also, it is important to know about the website usage policy of the country.