About Me

about usHello there, I am  live in New York. I am a person who is just fascinated about grilling. I love to grill and enjoys those barbecues at home with friends and family.

The place I live around is quite good and the weather is comforting. That’s the prime reason that I get to relax with a beer in my hand and just grill my dinner as often as I can. I have got this big grilling setup in the backyard which I think calls me to grill every now and then.

It’s like a tradition of our house to have grilled meats on every weekend. If it’s weekend day you will surely find me in the backyard firing up my grill. And later on, having some chicken breast or a steak that is perfectly grilled.

Grilled foods have a certain kind of knack in them that entices me to eat more of it. I can’t get enough of these foods. Also, the momentary pleasure I get from grilling in my backyard can’t be matched either. It’s kinda like a hobby nowadays.

Also, it’s not just the taste that gets me every time. Grilled foods have some benefits of them as well. One of the most common one is low fat. Yes, grilled have comparatively lower in the fat count. As most of the fat from the food drips off the grates. So, it gets rid of those excessive fat while grilling.

It was found out that grilled vegetables are much better because of the retained vitamins and minerals. Grilled vegetables have more nutrition than any other cooked vegetables. Moreover, grilled meat conserve more nutrients.

I got more into grilling due to the fact that it doesn’t require butter anymore. All the calories from meats and vegetables just get cleared in the form of juice. So, you I don’t need to think about those calories at all. I can just enjoy my meal now.

Although the best part of grilling is enjoying the outside environment while cooking. I can just watch the nature going wild and see the dogs playing around the backyard, while I cook the most delicious food of the day. To be honest nothing gets better than that.

I would like to share some of my grilling experiences with you guys. Like what kind of meats are better for grilling. For example, it’s always better to use lean cuts of meat with less fat. Because they are better for grilling and for your health as well. Also, an expert advice on the cooking element to be used. Never use charcoal for grilling. It’s always safe to use gas rather than charcoal.

I love grilling and I want it to spread like a virus or something. Hence this website. I want to share my experiences as well as know your experiences regarding grilling. I want to connect and make kind of a grilling community through this. Where we will share our views, talk about machines, techniques, tips and tricks of grilling.

So that was all about me and my grilling passion. Let’s have a grill sometime!