5 Best Electric Smoker Under $200

Outing with a family can be fun if you make memories. The best kind of memory to reminisce is how the food was on the day. So, to make sure that everyone remembers the fun and the food, the best way to make a memorable outing is to prepare the best kind of food.

The best kind of food for the outing is undeniably smoked food. Because mostly these trips happen during winters and usually at night.

But the fact that smokers are improving has made them almost impossible to buy with the money and the potential usage of only occasional. So, the first thing that comes into mind is how you can enjoy and keep the expense within budget.

This article is all about that. We will let you know about the best electric smoker under 200 that you can make the best use of. Some might think using an electric smoker is an obsolete idea whether it’s for an outing or not, but the fact that they serve the best kind of outing food is what you’ll reminisce about years later.

Review Summary

Editor Choice: Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digitalis a great electric smoker. It comes with a digital panel for easy control and four chrome-coated smoking racks.

Best Value: Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker

Product dimension is 11.5 x 11.5 x 24.5 inches, Weighs only 12.16 lbs, The material type is synthetic

Best Overall: Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow Digital Electric Smoker

Smoker comes with up to three chrome-coated smoking racks. It is an 800 W heating smoker with adjustable air dampers.

Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker: Masterbuilt MB20073519 MES 130P

Masterbuilt MB20073519 MES 130Pcomes with Bluetooth smart technology for controlling the temperatures. It also supports up to four chrome-plated smoking racks.

Electric Digital Smoker: Masterbuilt 20070910

It’s an electric smoker that comes with a digital control panel, which makes it easy to operate. It also offers 730 square inches cooking surface and four chrome-plated racks.

Top 5 Best Electric Smokers Under $200 Review

Electric smokers are an alternative to charcoal or pellet smokers who are potentially harming the environment. If you’re an environmentally friendly person, you’ll love the fact that they don’t harm nature at all but cook delicious food most certainly.

So now, without any further ado let’s introduce you to the 5 best electric smoker under 200:

#1. Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker

  • Product dimension: 30 x 20 x 20 inches
  • It weighs about 45.9 pounds
  • Stainless steel made
  • Corded electric set up
  • Stylish design


Talk about style and the best looks, no one can fail the MasterBuilt MB20071117. It has a look that no one fails to remember. It has this stylish black color that is sure to grab some attention.

Mostly we know that what looks good on the outside is a fluke on the inside. But in this case, it’s not true! Let’s check out.


Heat Resistant Body

Smokers are usually a type of machine that uses heat and smoke to prepare food. So, it can be expected that the machine will heat up while using it. But not in the case of this one. From the reviews of electric smokers, it was found that it has an all-insulated body that is absolutely 100% heat resistant.

So, no matter how hot it gets on the inside, it will be cold and normal to handle on the outside.

Digital Panels

This state of the art smoker is considered the best cheap electric smoker. Why? Because it can be handled digitally. Its digital panel is so easy to handle that even a child can control and dominate smoking food in an outing. Though it’s an electric device and should never be let to be used by children without elders, still the digital system is really smart and easy.


The thermostat system lets you cook evenly. You can set the temperature according to your needs. This ensures the perfect smoking of meats. As we know meats require more attention in the area of temperature to ensure proper cooking but it can be done perfectly without even noticing because you can set the temperature and have evenly cooked meat.

What We Like
  • Stylish design
  • Insulated body
  • Heat resistant
  • Thermostat technology
  • Even and proper smoking
  • Carrying is easy
What We Don’t Like
  • Cover sold separately

#2. Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker

  • Product dimension: 11.5 x 11.5 x 24.5 inches
  • Weighs only 12.16 lbs
  • The material type is synthetic
  • Electric power source
  • Frontloading


If you search for an electric smoker under $500 or an electric smoker under $300 this will still be a favorite pick of the reviewers because it has the potential to compete with $500 smokers. This is the SmokeHouse Little chief.

This bad boy is considered an affordable electric smoker to buy by most of the food smoking freaks and reviewers on the internet. It’s because this is the cheapest electric smoker available. Why? Let’s see.


Flavor Book

Despite knowing how to the best kind of meat, some might make mistakes. But not with the little chief. It’s considered one of the best electric smokers because it comes with a flavor book that helps you to cook your meat fabulously without making mistakes.

Grill Smoker

It’s not just a smoker, it’s a grill smoker combination with grilling options with an electric power source. So, with this little guy, you can both smoke your meat or grill them. The best budget electric smoker to buy indeed.


Some might consider these specifications too good to be true. But you won’t because it comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty that will make you feel safe to use the device.

What We Like
  • Front-loading system
  • Heating in low temperature
  • Dishwashing drip pans
  • Certified for safety
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Aluminum construction
  • Very easy to carry
What We Don’t Like
  • can easily get damaged if falls from the hand

#3. Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow Digital Electric Smoker

  • Item dimension: 18.54 x 18.19 x 33.35 inches
  • Weighs about 46 pounds
  • Corded electric power supply


MasterBuilt is famous for manufacturing the best budget electric smokers and heavy-duty smokers with the best looks. Cheap smokers having the best look is what you should expect from them. Also with their thermostat tech, smoker temperature control is what they are unique for.


Digital Panel

Digital panel is what you can expect from the master build. The digital panel also makes the device digital itself. Most devices deprived of digital panels are actually electric analog smokers and there’s no chance for you to set the temperature. You have to stay alert while cooking on an analog device. But digital devices, do everything for you.

Insulated Body

The fact that this is one of the best outdoor smokers because it’s made with stainless steel. But steel is meant to get hotter along with the temperature increase.

But this machine comes with an insulated body. This exterior part can remain completely Beatles and normal. It lets you carry it out right after the cooking is done.

Adjustable Air Damper

The worst part about electric smokers is that they produce smoke but most of them don’t have any ventilation system with which you can let some smoke out. But this is the best electric smoker because it contains an adjustable air damper that allows you to let the smoke out and ensure proper ventilation of the smoker.

What We Like
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy clean
  • Insulated body
  • Temperature control
  • Adjustable air damper
What We Don’t Like
  • Cover has to be bought separately

#4. Masterbuilt MB20073519 MES 130P Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

  • Product dimension: 19.88 x 20.66 x 33.46 inches
  • It weighs about 61 pounds
  • Available is a stylish black design
  • Corded electric power source
  • Bluetooth enabled control


The time of digital smokers is near because now, digital smokers are getting smarter. How? High-quality smokers are getting cheap and the best budget electric smoker is getting an upgrade.

The best upgrade on this device is now it has a Bluetooth enable control system along with a digital panel.

It is one of the top rated electric smokers on the internet. Let’s check the specifications.


Bluetooth Control

After analog uncontrollable devices, digital devices came. And now, digital control is available via Bluetooth. Now you can connect this smoker with your device using Bluetooth. And after putting in the meat, you can monitor and do everything including turning on/off, controlling the temperature, and a lot additional just using your phone.

Built-in Thermometer

Now, some might say what a thermometer would do for your smoker. This is one of the best deals on electric smokers. This built-in thermometer lets you find out the temperature of the meat.

It refreshes every second to keep you updated about how your meat is doing inside one of these inexpensive meat smokers.

Side Window Loading

This is a patented feature in MasterBuilt smokers. Like other smokers, you don’t have to put in the meat from the front. There’s a side window that you can use to put the meat inside smoothly. You don’t have to open the smoker door at all.

What We Like
  • Side window loading
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to carry
  • Bluetooth control
  • Insulated body
  • Built-in meat probe thermometer
What We Don’t Like
  • No extra racks

#5. Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker

  • Product dimension: 20 x 17 x 33.5 inches
  • It weighs about 45 lbs
  • The primary build material is steel
  • The power source is electric
  • Digital meter


One thing I can assure you is that this is not the best small electric smoker. No sir, it’s the opposite. It’s the biggest electric smoker among the top 5 electric smokers of our review 730 sq. Inches of space. Yes, you read it right. This is the big fat smoker with 4 racks of space.

Let’s read more about this:


Huge Space Inside

Most of the smokers on the list are best for one family. But this one can be used for up to 10 people. You can smoke meat for more than 10 people simultaneously. The 730 sq. Inches of space lets you do that with ease.

Temperature Control

Just like any other MasterBuilt smoker, this also has a built-in thermostat. The thermostat lets you choose your preferred temperature between 100 to 275° F. This guarantees even and perfect cookery of your meat.

Also, you can control how long you want to cook the meat. The lower temperature will smoke the meat for a longer time. And for lightning-fast cooking, just turn the heat up.

Temperature Resistance

The heat resistant cover of the stainless steel body lets you handle the smoker with comfort. The steel body will surely get heated up. But the insulation keeps the body cool on the outside and the steel keeps the cooking temperature stable on the inside.

What We Like
  • Huge space
  • Cook ability for more people than only one family
  • Digital meter
  • Thermostat to control the temperature
  • 4 racks of space
  • Insulated temperature resistant body
What We Don’t Like
  • No meat probe thermometer like other MasterBuilt smokers

How To Buy The Best Electric Smoker?

There are some pointers to find and figure out what are the best electric smokers on the market. Not knowing them allows us to write reviews for smokers. But to be honest as a reviewer, I find it my obligation to let you know how you can find your own electric smoker.

electric smokers

So, here are the indicators to look for-

1. Pricing

Electric smokers can cost as low as $100 bucks and can go up to thousands. But the core application is to smoke meat right?

So, what’s the point of buying electric smokers that will cost you a fortune? Articles considered as best electric smoker reviews tend to force you to go for the highest-priced smokers on the market calling them the best ones. But they are only best at being expensive.

So, considering the price is the most important fact. Always, compare products having different prices and what features they are offering. If the features suit the price only then you’re good to buy it. Otherwise, you’re just throwing away a lot of money.

2. Space Inside

Always consider how much space the smoker has. You don’t want to buy something small that may not feed your family or something big that may feed the entire city.

So, consider that the size is ample and accurate for your family or at least 7-8 peoples. In that case, you might be feeding some more mouths in the future or having 2-3 guests over.

3. Electric Power

In today’s era, electrical powered smokers are the ideal ones to buy as we have done enough damage to nature.

Let’s not do any more damage to mother earth. Don’t think about having a better-cooked meal. Because electric smokers can deliver exactly the same taste with perfect grill flavor.

4. Temperature Control

Analog smokers don’t have the ability to control temperatures. But digital’s do. That’s why digital designs are coming in and analogs are being taken off the market.

Mostly, thermostats provide that option. Always see if your designated smoker has a thermostat inside or not.

Final Thought

So these are the 5 best electric smoker under 200 dollars. You can buy any of these and feel lucky enough because these are the best in the market.

Doing vast research and understanding their features, comparing them with other products is what finally found this result.

Now, as a reviewer, the hardest job is to give you one product that you should buy among these me. Remember, this is my personal choice and may not actually be the same as yours. But it definitely is one of the best buys for bbq lovers.

For me, the best smoker under $200 is Masterbuilt MES 130P Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker.

One of the reasons I chose this over others is that it’s packed with features that others don’t offer or more pricey smokers offer. If you chose this one, it’ll be a great investment for the future as well as the present.

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