Cooking Grill Hotdogs How To Cook On Stove

Cooking Grill Hotdogs How To Cook On Stove

Hotdogs are one of the universal comfort foods. Wherever you go, you will struggle to find a person who says no to a hotdog. Be it a New York style hotdog with sauerkraut and mustard, or a German-style hotdog with the addition of mustard, or chilli filled hotdog; you can’t just say NO. 

What if you are craving a hotdog but are nowhere near a restaurant or a cart?

Luckily, we have got you covered. You don’t have to go out to get that hotdog. All you need is the ingredients and a stove.

And below we are gonna show you how to grill hot dogs on stove!

What You Will Need

The first thing is first; you will need the ingredients and the equipment to get started on that delicious hotdog. By equipment, we simply mean an electric stove. And as for ingredients, needless to say it refers to the buns and the hotdogs themselves (sausages can also suffice). 

Buy the frozen hotdog of your chosen brand, look up consumer reviews if it helps. The last piece of ingredient is any topping you desire. As for utensils, we recommend using a frying pan or a skillet. You will also require tongs to take the hotdogs out once they are cooked and ready.

The Cooking Process

Cooking a hotdog on a stove consists of four main and relatively easy steps. Additional steps can be added if you want extra flavouring or want to experiment with your hotdogs. The following explains the process;

Step 1: Heat the Pan

grill Hotdogs on pen

Cover the frying with a thin layer of water, few drops should suffice, and turn the stove on to medium. Heat until the water boils. Once it does, your pan is hot enough to cook your hotdogs.

Step 2: Add the Hotdogs

grill hotdogs

Now you can simply put those frankfurters or sausages into your hot pan. Cook for about one minute, before turning your hotdogs 90 degrees. Repeat three more times, allowing each side to cook for one minute.

Then repeat the turning process. Make sure each side of your hotdog has twice been cooked for around one minute.

Step 3: Put Them in the Bun

cooking hotdogs

Your hotdogs are ready, don’t get concerned if all sides are not the same shade of brown. Now is the right time to put them in those buns. You may choose to do so as it is, or if you want, you may butter the bun. 

Apply the butter to the inside part of the bun and put it on the pan. Buttered side down. Turn the stove to medium-low and leave the bun there for two minutes.

Step 4: Add the Toppings

Grill hot dogs on stove

The final step is the simplest and also where you can get creative. Add in whatever toppings you want, to give your taste buds the best experience. These can range from mustard and pickles to jalapenos, hot sauce and even avocados! 

Some popular choices include grilled onions, kraut and mustard for deli style hotdogs, chilli, coleslaw and mustard for Carolina dogs, chopped up onions and cream cheese for Seattle style hotdogs, and the list goes on.

Additional Things to Consider

There are a few additional things you can take into account when cooking those hotdogs. For some extra flavour, instead of covering your pan with water, you can put butter or some tablespoons of oil. 

If you want an easier job, you can avoid the skillet and just cook your hotdogs on a saucepan. In this case, you will need to fill the pan up to a few inches with water and start the stove. 

Once it starts to boil, put in the hotdogs and turn the heat off. Allow the hotdogs to cook in the water for ten minutes or so. This will also give you a firmer texture. 

A final pro tip is cutting your hotdogs right down the middle. While it may not seem like much, it creates the right kind of spaces so that your toppings don’t fall out. Something literally everyone can agree, it’s the most annoying to happen when eating a hotdog.


That is pretty much all you need to know when it comes to cooking a hotdog on a stove. Sure a grill or a flat top girdle is ideal but let’s be honest, few of us casual cooks actually have one. 

With that being said, having no grill does not mean you can’t prepare those delicious hotdogs. And all you really need, is a stove. Happy cooking!

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