How to Clean a Gas Grill Burners | Complete Guide

When you have the proper guidance, you can clean your gas grill burner with ease. Learning how to clean a gas grill burner is often said by many users to make the work easier. The Grill’s Burners are the heartbeat of the Grill, and it is expedient they function correctly. A malfunctioning burner could cause unnecessary delays in food grilling. Dirt or poorly maintained Grill can cause a grill’s Burner to malfunction. And it is also important to note that without an effective Burner, it becomes challenging to grill food. So, it is necessary to maintain your grill and burner.

There is a need to clean the burners of your Grill with water after every use. You should do a thorough cleaning often within a year. Making cleaning of your gas grill burners a routine will help keep your gas grill in good shape, prevent wear and tear, and promote safe use. Some gas grill burners made from cast iron, cast brass, are durable but susceptible to rusting. Numerous things and little particles can escape into your Burners, build up, and begin to deteriorate your Grill’s burners slowly. When left uncleansed without adequate maintenance, the Grill’s Burners will result in uneven heating, which could affect your cooking, not even to mention the danger it poses to your health.

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How to Clean a Gas Grill Burners | 8 Easy Steps

Here is a quite guide you can follow in cleaning your gas grill burners quickly:

1. Disconnect the Gas Tank from the Grill

grill gas tank
Unseen injury can occur because of the dangerous gasses build up. The first thing to do is to ensure you turn off the gas supply to your Grill. Disconnecting the gas tank from your Grill is a more brilliant idea. Spray your degreaser on the grill grates after removing them, use your grill brush to scrub the grimes. Remove everything under the Grates that cover your gas burner tubes. Set them aside, brush all the pieces of metals that cover your grill burners, and look out for holes in the Burner. The flame tamers should be removed and cleaned thoroughly, set them aside after brushing, and reassemble later.

2. Clean the Grilling Grates

how to clean grill grate
Use a steel bristle free grill brush to brush off any particles of food or grease on the cooking grate. But be careful not to scratch the cooking grate, so it is always advisable to start with a sponge. For a well-planned cleaning, remove the Grate from the Grill and use soapy water and a sponge to wipe them down. Set it aside to dry for reassembling later thoroughly. Note that this cleaning is not after every use. The brushing method is a quick fix you should do every time you use your Grill; it is best to do it when the Grill is still hot and wipe it clean with a paper towel. You can also soak your grates in the kitchen sink if they are small to fix, this will make rinsing a lot easier.

3. Clean the Gas Ports

how to clean burner tube
The holes in the gas ports need to be clean from debris; this promotes an even flame to spread throughout the Burner. The functionality of the gas port is the first thing to consider when cleaning a grill burner. The construction of the ports is such that they are in the same shape and space throughout the Burner. It is necessary to use a brush to remove the debris from it. Use a drill bit to clean the stainless steel burners and tubes.

You must ensure that the ports are not blocked. Use the drill bit to remove any built-up food or grease inside the ports. Little particles block the port quickly, making it difficult to remove. Ceramic burners should be turned on high heat to ensure the residue burns away, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. It is not advisable to use water in cleaning the Burner to avoid rusting.

4. Clean the Burner Tubes

The tubes are the pipes that go out from the Burner and connect to the grill control valves. The tubes convey the gas to the gas tube ports, where it mixes with the air. Keeping the Burner clean is essential to prevent rusting or leakage. Insects often accumulate around and in the tubes if it is not well maintained. Use a toothpick or pin to remove any clog found in the burner tube or to poke through if the holes are not clear. The gas will not flow well if there is debris blocking it, so you should try to shake it out while cleaning. Making use of your user’s manual can be very useful because it offers some specific instructions for burner maintenance for your particular type of Grill. Failure to reassemble your grill burners correctly could result in a fire outbreak or hazard.

5. Clean the Burner Protectors

Burner protectors are sometimes called heat tents, flame tamers, or vaporizer bars. When you want to clean your burner protector, remove it from the grills, and use soapy water to scrub with an old sponge. Wash away the accumulated grease and grime to make your burner protector look new. Note that you should not wash the burner protector with water all the time. However, you can use a paper towel to wipe it clean.

6. Clean the Cook Box

Remove the cooking grates and use a cooking brush to clean all the grease and debris inside the Grill into the collecting bottom Tray. Remove the Tray and throw away the accumulated grease and debris. Some of the debris can easily be disposed of while sometimes it cakes in, and there is a need to use a scouring pad or shape knife to remove the debris. Wash the bottom Tray to keep it clean if you want to clean the bottom Tray, wash it with soapy water, rinse and dry properly. After cleaning, please put it back into its normal position under the Burner.

7. Finishing the Job

Now that you’ve done a perfect job, replace the burner covers and grill grate and reassemble everything back just the way you removed them. Look for gloves to place items back in the proper direction and location. Replace the cooking grate, geese collector, vaporizer if your Grill has one, and so on, accordingly. After, oil the cooking grates to help it store better. The oil will help prevent rusting during storage, making it easier to wipe off when you want to use it next time. Canola oil is a perfect oil you can use to grease your cooking grate for storage.

8. Checking Functionality

After an adequate and effective cleaning of your gas grill burners, you have to make sure that all the buttons, knobs, and switches are in the right working conditions. In case any part of your Grill doesn’t function properly, troubleshoot it with the user’s manual and manufacturer’s instructions. Some necessary things to check their functionalities include the push-button igniter switch, batteries ignition switch, pressure regulator, thermometer, and on and off switches. Turn on the gas and fire up the Grill; turn on the Grill to high heat and lid closed for about 15 minutes to burn off the remaining soap used on the interior surface of the Grill.

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This review is an eye-opener on how to clean a gas grill burner with ease. If you have been having problems with how to clean gas grill burners, here is an up to date guide on how to do it efficiently. Cleaning your Grill is more than just scraping and scrubbing leftover food and grease, but it is also essential to check whether everything under the lid is working correctly.

Burners can deteriorate and get rusty just like every other thing because they cannot last forever; this is why regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that everything is in good shape and condition. When you do not have the habit of cleaning your gas grill burners regularly, all the leftover grease, piece of meat, and fats near the bottom of the Grill will cause the Grill to deteriorate faster. Dirt in your gas grill can also affect your grilling experience, not to even mention the hygiene. Therefore a thorough cleaning can also keep away bacteria from your food. Give your gas grill burners the best cleaning and enjoy your delicious meals.

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