5 Best Fish Smoker Review with Buying Guide

Most smokers in the market can handle smoking both fish and meats. To keep the heat consistent and have more temperature control, for smoker fish, you need the best fish smoker. Note that not all smokers are suitable for fish smoking. To avoid facing the problem of getting a smoker that doesn’t smoke fish properly, you best be informed.

In this review, we would educate you on everything smokers for fish. We have selected and reviewed 5 of the top choices of fish smokers you can get in 2022. At the end of this review, you would be well enlightened to make the right choice of fish smoker you can use.

Review Summary

Editor Choice: Char-Broil 19202101 Digital Electric Smoker

Using this Char-Broil electric smoker to smoke your fish takes the guesswork out of smoking. With its excellent design with an insulated wall, LED display, and glass door to monitor your food, grilling just got easier.

Overall Fish Smoker: Char-Broil 18202075 Charcoal Smoker

If you prefer charcoal smokers, then this 16 inches Char-Broil charcoal smoker is an excellent choice for a medium-sized family. It is a two-chamber charcoal grill that offers you up to 370 square inches of cooking surface across the two porcelain-coated cooking grates.

Charcoal Fish Smoker: Weber 711001 14-inch Smokey Mountain Smoker

The Weber Smokey Mountain is a 14 inches charcoal smoker also suitable for a medium-sized family. It also offers you two cooking chambers measuring a total of 286 square inches, and it is straightforward to mount.

Fish Smoker Under $500: Barrel House Cooker BHC-18C Smoker

The Barrel House cooker is a perfect combination of portability and functionality. Its base is detachable, making it easy to clean and transport. In terms of functionality, this cooker cooks at 275 – 310 degrees Fahrenheit, which offers you low and slow cooking for an incredible result.

Top 5 Best Fish Smokers Review 2022

#1. Char-Broil 19202101 Digital Electric Smoker – Editor Choice


Next on our life of best smokers for fish is a smoker from the maker Char-Broil, an exquisite manufacturer who has been in the industry since 1948. This fish smoker is the Char-Broil 19202101, a 30 inches digital electric fish smoker suitable for a wide variety of cooking options. One of the most prominent features is its large 725 cooking capacity with four removable racks with so many features to offer. When it comes to space, whether you need to cook for a small or large group, this Char-Broil electric smoker got your back.

Besides that, you also get an integrated digital LED thermometer you can use to monitor the smoker’s temperature. With the insulated double-wall construction with a front glass door, you have the flexibility to see what you are smoking and, at the same time, not worry about the performance of the smoker. The highest temperature this smoker can go to is 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The large 4-cup wood chip box in this Grill can keep burning for up to 7 hours to add smoke into your food. Below the racks at the bottom of the smoker is a high capacity grease tray containing up to 8.5 cups of grease.

  • Well insulated double-wall construction with front glass door
  • Locking latch on the door to create an airtight seal
  • Removable side tray
  • Vents are not adjustable

#2. Char-Broil 18202075 Charcoal Smoker – Best Overall Fish Smoker


Here is another smoker from Char-Broil you can consider getting in 2022. This Char-Broil 18292975 is a portable fish smoker that uses charcoal as its fuel source. In size, this Char-Broil smoker with its 16-inch cooking smoker features a 370 square inches cooking surface across two cooking grates. This Grill has two chambers that allow you to Grill on the chamber close to the fire beneath or the chamber far from the heating source. Additionally, the full stainless steel construction with porcelain coating on this Char-Broil smoker makes it durable.

With this Char-Broil smoker, the innovative airflow control feature simplifies the maintenance and setting of the smoker’s internal cooking temperature. On the lid of this smoker, you’d find a mounted thermometer that helps you closely monitor the smoker’s temperature. Removable ash pan system that comes with this char broil charcoal smoker provides you with a neat way to clean the smoker. At the side of this Char-Broil smoker is a side door for creating infused smoke flavor now.

  • Lid mounted thermometer
  • Fire access door for adding more wood or managing the smoke
  • Two-level cooking area making it suitable for smoking fish, whole chicken, and so on
  • Large ashtray
  • Not well insulated

#3. Weber 711001 14-inch Smokey Mountain Smoker – Charcoal Fish Smoker


Another smoker you can expect on this list is the famous Weber 711001 Smokey Mountain, a 14-inch cooker suitable for smoking fish. This Weber smoker is a charcoal smoker that lets you slow cook at that ideal temperature to achieve amazing results. Weber 711001 is a full-body stainless steel smoker with porcelain enamel coating making it quite durable. You also get two plated cooking grates that offer up to 286 square inches. As such, this Weber Smokey Mountain smoker can handle smoking for a large family. Included in this grill is a large water pan also helps to maintain the heat in the smoker and keep your meat tender and juicy.

Fuel door on this Weber smoker gives you access to the firebox for adding or removing charcoal. Since this smoker is a charcoal smoker, regulating the temperature is done manually with dampers located at the smoker’s top and bottom. At the top of the 14-inch Smokey Mountain smoker from Weber is a lid-mounted thermometer gauge that can reach approximately 190 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also take advantage of the side probe thermometer port for checking the temperature at the lower cooking grate near the fire.

  • Reasonably lightweight, weighing only 24 pounds
  • Maintains temperature and do not overheat
  • Efficient fuel usage
  • Very easy to clean
  • The side door is flimsy

#4. Barrel House Cooker BHC-18C Smoker – Fish Smoker Under $500


Lastly, on our list of ideal fish and meat smokers, you can get this Barrel House Cooker, the BHC-18C. Patio smoking has never been so easy, but you can incredibly bake, sear, BBQ, barbeque, and smoked fish or meat with this Barrel House Cooker. What stands out in this Barrel House Cooker smoker is its high-quality and barrel-style construction design. The full-body 20 gauge stainless steel body coated with porcelain enamel, traditional wire handles, and nonabrasive stand says it all about the smoker’s durability. Barrel House Cooker smoker is an 18 inches smoker where you can smoke on a grill or hand your meat or fish.

On the grate of this smoker, you can grill up to 10 large burgers and more. You can also hang up to 8 racks of ribs, or four whole chicken, or even a 15-pound brisket on this smoker. Barrel lifts off the base, making it quite easy to light up the charcoal for a pure, flavorful cooking session. The large charcoal pan can hold up to 8 pounds of charcoal that can keep burning for six hours. This smoker burns hot pretty fast, saving you about 40% of your cook time. And with its temperature reaching as high as 275 to 310 degrees Fahrenheit, you can achieve faster cooking with an incredible result every time.

  • Large barrel
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds and regulate heat well
  • Easy to clean
  • Pretty heavy weighing up to 45 pounds

#5. TACKLIFE Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

First on our list of top fish smokers, is the portable fish smoker from Tacklife, the WPG01A. Tacklife is a renowned manufacturer in the US of exceptional tools ranging from test, measure & inspecting tools to automotive tools, power tools, home appliances, hand tools, and lawn & gardening tools. With the WPG01A smoker from Tacklife, you can expect nothing less than Tacklife exceptional quality. And about quality, the Tacklife WPG01A comes with full-body stainless steel construction. If durability is your primary focus in a smoker, this Tacklife smoker will not disappoint you. This smoker is also quite convenient for smoking as it features a foldable rack and waste oil collector to make cleaning easier.

Furthermore, this Tacklife WPG01A wood pellet smoker comes with a multifunctional cooking feature. Meaning, you get to use this Tacklife smoker for different cooking options like bake, roast, smoke, stew, Grill, fry bake, sear, and braise. Besides, you get to cook this variety of food on the 700 square inches cooking surface, which is large enough for a family gathering. The cooking surface of the Tacklife WPG01A coated with enamel gives this smoker a corrosion-resistant edge over other smokers. And with the automated electric feed system, with a 23-pound hopper capacity and a refueling port on this Tacklife smoker, you get to achieve a new smoke flavor consistently. The automatic ignitor on this smoker can produce as high as 20,000 BTUs of heat. And with a digital control knob and exhaust damper, you can efficiently regulate the temperature to what’s ideal for your cooking choice.

  • Automatic feeder and ignitor
  • Easy to clean
  • Effective temperature regulating knob
  • Wheel to easily move the smoker in and out of the backyard
  • No temperature gauge

Types of smoker

When considering smokers, there are three possible types you can think of buying, depending on their fuel source. Below is an explanation of the three possible types of smokers.

1. Charcoal Smoker

A charcoal smoker has remained the number one most preferred smoker for many smoking enthusiasts for years now. As the name suggests, a charcoal smoker is a smoker that uses charcoal as its fuel source. What makes this smoker preferred is that it adds real smoke flavor to your food. Unlike other types of smokers, you either have to baste what you want to smoke with smoke flavor or use wood pellets to create partial smoke. Moreover, when charcoal burns, it creates an ideal temperature that saturates the air with heat and actual smoke. A lot of pitmasters to date find charcoal smokers unbeatable because of the outstanding results every time. A charcoal smoker is also the perfect smoker to get for slow cooking.

2. Electric Smoker

The ever convenient type of smoker to get is the electric smoker. One thing we love about electric smokers is that they are very convenient and easy to use. Simply plug it in, and you are good to go, unlike charcoal smokers that require a bit of skill to light it. However, when buying an electric smoker, the most important thing to note about it is the nature of the heating element used. The heating element’s wattage gives you a preview of how fast and hot the smoker is likely to be when using it. If what you will be doing is slow cooking, then an electric smoker would be ideal as it can maintain a much constant and lower temperature than a charcoal or propane smoker for a longer time.

3. Propane Gas Grill Smoker

Of the three types of smokers, you can get, the propane gas smoker is the most popular of them all. A propane smoker has the same working principle as a charcoal smoker. However, it does not produce more smoke like a real charcoal smoker. Some propane gas smokers as such that they feature a conversion kit that makes it possible to use natural gas on the smoker. One of the advantages of using propane smokers is that they can be used when you need a high temperature to smoke. Gas smokers are also very easy to clean and maintain.

Fish Smoker Buying Guide for Beginner

fish smoker

1. Benefits of Fish Smoker

One of the significant benefits of using the best possible fish smoker you can get is the flexibility you get from merely setting it and forgetting it. All you need to do is some prep work and let the smoker handle the rest. Another benefit of having a fish smoker is temperature control. Most fish smokers come with a wide temperature range. You can either smoke on low heat to prepare your favorite fish recipe, or at a high temperature to make jerky or sausages. With a great quality fish smoker, you can bring a restaurant-quality smoke flavor to your food right in your backyard.

2. Size

Size is another quality of buying a fish smoker that matters. When discussing size, properties like dimension, weight, and cooking space are questions; you need to decide best for you. Size should matter to you when buying a fish smoker so you don’t get a smoker that you will not utilize to the fullest. For example, large smokers who do not have wheels would be more difficult to carry in and out of the house. The cooking space determines the amount of food you can smoke at once. When getting a fish smoker, to be on the safe side, buy a smoker with a slightly bigger cooking grate that is what you ideally need.

3. Temperature Range

When buying a fish smoker, aim for the one that has a temperature range that can go low enough to smoke fish. The ideal temperature for smoking fish is about 145 degrees Fahrenheit. So, a fish smoker should go quite low and still maintain it at that low temperature. And if you want to use the smoker to prepare other food, then the unit should also reach a temperature of 375 degrees and above.

4. Maintenance

Maintaining your fish smoker should not be an issue if you buy the best smoker for fish. Keep an eye out for features like a removable cooking grate, or porcelain enamel coating that makes it easy to maintain the Grill. Also, a Grill that is very easy to assemble is quite easy to maintain.

5. Ease of Clean

On the other hand, cleaning a smoker can be quite tedious. But the right features in place can help make cleaning a lot easier. For example, the inclusion of a greased pan helps you manage drippings from the food, making it easy to clean the smoker after every use. And if you are using a charcoal smoker, aim for the one with a large ash pan, so you wouldn’t have to be constantly opening the smoker to dispose of the ash.

Frequently Asked Questions

fish smokers

1. What is the Best Smoker for a Beginner?

From our fish smoker review, the best smoker for a beginner is the Tacklife WPG01A smoker. We are recommending this smoker because it is effortless to use. It can maintain the temperature at a very low temperature for a long time. This Tacklife smoker is a multifunctional smoker with an automated electric feeder that can maintain the temperature at 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Is Smoking Meat Better than Grilling?

Smoking or grilling meat are both excellent food preparation methods. Regarding which of them is best depends on your preference. But the difference between the two is that smoked meat has a tougher texture as most of the meat has lost most of its juice while grilled meat is more tender and flavorful. A lot of people prefer grilled meat; however, the choice is still yours.

3. What is Cold Smoked Fish?

Cold smoking fish is an act of preserving the fish at an ambient temperature range of 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit for about 6 to 13 hours. After a while, the fish loses moisture and becomes denser without it being cooked.


In conclusion, we hope this review about the best fish smoker was able to help you make a buying decision. Buying a smoker should never be a problem for you again with this review. We hope that you will refer back to us when you are seeking expert product reviews. In case we left any stone untouched, kindly leaves a comment below with your suggestions.

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