How to Buy a Gas Grill – Right Gas Grill Buying Guide

Barbecues are one of the most beloved of eating experiences. Whether it’s a family cookout, or a camping trip, or even sizzling those steaks by yourself, the taste and how much you cherish the experience, ultimately comes down to your grill. 

If you head out into the market to purchase a new gas grill today, chances are you will get bombarded with all manner of advertising, offers, technical terms, ratings, and a host of other things.

Confused? Well, you need not fear. Because we are here to simplify your task.

Beginner Gas Grill Buying Guide

Here, we will go through the things you need to consider before buying a grill and how you can make the best choice.

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The Burners

Gas grills are commonly defined by the number of burners. A number that usually ranges from two to six depending on brand and model. The more burners your grill has, the more food you can prepare at any given period.

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It is important to note that the number of burners alone may not necessarily be an accurate measure of its usage capacity. For that, you should look at how many individual food items it can accommodate at once. I suggest a 6 burner gas grill for batter experience. Six burner gas grill is the best for home parties or restaurants.


The price of a grill can range from $90 for portable gas grills, to $6000 for large gas grills. Once more, it will depend on your use. Usually, the price hinges on the size of the grill and its extra features. Meaning the more people you cook for, the more you might have to spend on a grill.

Large gas grills for example, which can be used for preparing 20+ burgers at once, can cost you nearly $3000. Whereas if you just need a portable grill for a camping trip where there are three people, you may have to spend less than $200.

Structure of the Grill

Once you have decided on your price range, you might want to start looking at how the grill is built up. It is wise to try and move the grill around a bit within the store. To check how compact it is.

Next, you might want to look at the material of its body. Stainless steel is considered the gold standard for making grills. However, manufacturers have been known to mix in other metals and impurities to cut their own costs. 

As obsessive as it sounds, you may want to apply a magnet to all parts of the grill to ensure it is indeed all stainless steel. Finally, look at the joints and wheels (if any). Joints that are welded together are preferred over nuts and bolts, as are wheels that make movement a lot easier.

Safety Measures

It goes without saying, you should only purchase a grill if it is safe to use. Grills use high-energy fuel, generate intense heat, and of course, cause the spontaneous flame ups that companies love putting in their commercials. 

Nonetheless, it is important those flame ups are few and far between, otherwise you may risk burn injuries. This is another reason why a stable, compact structure is important. The more sturdy your grill, the fewer flame ups you will deal with. 

There should be an ample gape between the grates and the burners. The wider this distance, the fewer the spontaneous flame ups. Also, make sure you carefully look at the handle and see how close to the lid your hand can get. The lid will be hot during use so a good distance is advised.

Energy Usage

The amount of energy used by a grill is measured in British Thermal Units per Hour, or Btu/hour. However, experts suggest this is not a very accurate measure of the efficiency of a grill. 

A higher Btu rating does not guarantee the grill will heat more quickly. You need to compare it with the size and structure for a better measure of that. A compact grill can be more energy efficient than a higher Btu grill with a more spread out structure.


The burners of a gas grill will require replacement every few years, depending on the kind of grill you have. Aside from proper care, there are things to check before buying that grill. In particular, the thickness of metal and stability of the overall structure are important indicators of durability.

As is the manufacturer. Well recognized, national, and international brands usually offer repair and customer services, unlike local brands. Finally, look for the warranty that comes with your grill. Needless to say, a grill with a 10-year warranty will last longer than one with a 2-year warranty.

Extra Features

Grills will often come with a number of other features. Includes things such as gliding drawers for utensils, pull out grease trays for cleaning up, and others. Choose according to your needs and convenience.


So, I hope by now you are prepared to make an informed decision regarding the gas grill. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions or further queries on how to buy a gas grill. Cheerio!

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