Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Propane Tabletop Grill Reviews

Just because you are limited by space doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy grilling meat yourself. Today’s write up will be all about the Cuisinart CGG-306 review. Why Cuisinart CGG-306 gas grill? Well, the Cuisinart CGG-306 is a tabletop gas grill, very portable and yet powerful. With a tabletop grill such as this Cuisinart CGG-306, you’ve got no worries.

Grilling on a big grill might be convenient as you would have more space, but it is often bulky and quite more expensive. Save yourself the hassle of a big Grill, get a tabletop grill like this Cuisinart CGG-306, and enjoy grilling outdoors when camping, on your patio, or on the countertop in your kitchen. Below are all you need to know about the Cuisinart CGG-306 gas grill before you buy one.

Cuisinart CGG-306 Propane Tabletop Grill Reviews 2022

Why settle for less, when with this Cuisinart CGG-306, you can get the same performance as a full-sized grill. Cuisinart CGG-306 is a portable gas grill with foldable legs, a lockable lid, and a handle that lets you carry it like a suitcase. When thinking about getting a suitable grill for camping, tailgating, or patio grilling, the Cuisinart CGG-306 is one portable grill to consider. Apart from the Cuisinart CGG-306 being the best portable grill, it also comes with an exceptionally durable full-body stainless steel construction. So, in terms of durability, this Cuisinart CGG-306 grill got you covered.


  • High-end stainless steel
  • Two burner propane gas grill
  • 20,000 BTU of heat total
  • Easy twist start ignition
  • Built-in lid temperature gauge
  • 275 square inches cooking surface



1. Stainless Steel Burner

Powering this portable grill are two stainless steel burners with individual control knobs to regulate the temperature. Each Burner produces up to 10,000 BTUs of heat, which totals 20,000BTUs of heat you can expect. With a 2-burner gas grill as this Cuisinart CGG-306, you can efficiently create two heating zones, a high and low heating zone for preparing vegetables and meats. Additionally, this stainless steel burner adds to this grill’s overall durability in the sense that it is rust-resistant.  Moreover, the construction of this set up is such that there are flame tamers on each Burner, which prevents direct heat on your meat and protects the Burners from drippings.

2. Portability

Another feature that stands out in this Cuisinart CGG-306 tabletop grill review is its portability. Despite its portable nature, you still get a whopping 276.75 square inches cooking surface, which is large meat cuts. More so, this grill has a dimension of 21.5″ x 13″ x 22″ when opened. Furthermore, the Cuisinart CGG-306 gas grill is lightweight, weighing approximately 22 pounds, making it very easy to carry by hand. Additionally, you can use a 20-pound propane tank with this grill, which gives you enough fuel to last days, especially for campers. There is also a 4-foot liquid propane hose included in the box you can use to connect the grill to the propane tank. A one-pound canister can also work with this grill, for those seeking more portability.

3. Easy to Set Up

Unlike other gas grills, the Cuisinart CGG-306 is very easy to set up. You shouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes setting up this grill. From the box, the Cuisinart CGG-306 comes with already assembled. You don’t even need any tools to set up this two-burner grill. After pulling this grill off its box, all you need to do is to unfold the legs, set the grates, plug in the propane tank, twist the ignition knob, and you’re all set up to grill your favorite foods.

4. Ideal Heat Control

To help you grill at an ideal temperature, Cuisinart added a lid thermometer with a temperature range between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from that, the included twist start ignition knob gives you the convenience to start up this grill anytime and anywhere without a match or lighter. The double-walled lid in this Cuisinart CGG-306 grill also helps create an even heating environment with an awesome heat-retaining capacity.

  • Easy to set up
  • Portable grill
  • Powerful grill with up to 20,000 BTU
  • Full body stainless steel construction
  • Dome of the lid is shallow

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do You Use a Portable Propane Grill

Using a portable propane grill is one of the easiest types of grills to use. Because propane burns with a clean flame and ignites easily, you wouldn’t find it as difficult as using other types of grills like charcoal. Most gas grills come with a twist and start knob that makes igniting the grill very easy. And with the control knob, you can easily regulate the temperature of the grill. You also get the flexibility to monitor the grill’s temperature as most gags grill also comes with a thermometer.

2. How to Easily Clean Cuisinart CGG-306 Grill

The Cuisinart CGG-306 grill, like most portable gas grills, is also easy to clean. While grilling, your food’s drippings fall on the flame tamers, which evaporates to saturate the cooking chamber with flavor. Drippings that don’t evaporate drop into the grease Pan, which you can easily take off and clean after every use. Moreover, its stainless steel cooking grate is very easy to clean. The cooking grate is removable, giving you more room to clean this grill.

3. How do You Hook Up a Small Propane Tank to a Portable Grill

To hook up a small propane tank to your portable grill, remove the plastic cap on the propane tank’s nozzle. After that, connect the propane tank nozzle to a gas grill line and ensure it’s a snug fit. Plug the line to your portable grill, and you are good to go. To start up the grill, open the gas valve on the propane tank.


After reading this Cuisinart CGG-306 review, you should have a pretty decent idea of what this Cuisinart CGG-306 grill is all about. The ball is in your court to decide whether this Cuisinart grill is worth it. Nevertheless, the Cuisinart CGG is quite affordable, making it an ideal portable grill choice to make.

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