Premiala Meat Injector Reviews with User Guide

Barbequing is a beautiful art. And the best part is that you don’t need any fancy equipment to produce tasty meals. Barbequing is all about recipes, techniques, and attention to detail. Three essential equipment to improve your smoking or grilling is an excellent grill, a chef knife, and this Premiala meat injector for those on a budget. Use this mini flavor injector to inject marinade, brine, Cajun, and spices into your turkey, chicken, and other meat. Say no more to dry meat, inject your meat with pretty much anything you like deep inside your meat. Create that succulent, juicy, mouth-watering steaks, chicken, turkey, and BBQ dishes from your home’s comfort.

Premiala SS-20-2 Meat Injector Review – Best Turkey Meat Injector

Premiala is an Australian based manufacturer of high-end kitchenware. As a family-owned business with excellent customer service, you are assured unbeatable satisfaction.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • 2 oz. marinade injector
  • 4 spare O-ring
  • A 3 inches needle to inject thin cut meat
  • A 6 inches needle with 12 holes for liquid marinade
  • A 6 inches needle for liquids with other ingredients like garlic
  • 2 needle cleaning brushes
  • Flavor Injector Secrets and Recipes E-book


304 Stainless Steel Material

Marinate your food with this food-grade meat injector and keep your family safe.  Constructed using the food-safe 304 stainless steel, Premiala ensured this injector is suitable for injecting all food-facing components. Even when used with brine aggravators, this meat injector pump will not leach harmful chemicals like aluminum or brass injectors. Every part of this food injector is made of stainless steel, except its handle, made with a tough cast alloy for added durability.

Large 2 oz. Capacity

You get a large syringe capacity of up to 2 oz. or 60ml. It is recommendable that you inject 1 oz or 30 ml of the marinade into a 500 g of meat. As such, with this turkey injector, you can inject up to 1kg of turkey on a go, letting you spend less time refilling.

3 Needles and 4 Spare Silicone O-rings 

Get more than a basic meat injection gun. With this injector, you get three different types of needles for different uses. The 6 inches long liquid marinade needle is great for injecting turkey with the marinade and large meat cuts. The other 6 inches long needle is designed with an open end for injecting turkey with thicker materials like minced onion and garlic. Similarly, the 3 inches long needle is intended for injecting small cuts of meats with marinade. And unlike other injectors, the Premiala injector is built to last with reduced waste. The spare 4 O-ring that comes with one at the end of each needle and one at the other end of the plunger prevents the marinade from leaking out.

Ideal Gift

Use this excellent meat injector as a perfect gift for a family or friend. It comes in a nice flip-top storage box that makes it a gorgeous gift for men and BBQ lovers. The casing of this injector comes in handy in storing all the accessories in one place.

Free E-book

Discover a new world of flavor with the free Ebook that comes included in this marinade injector. Not only does this book help to simplify how to use this injector, but it also gives you a whole range of marinade for different types of meat. You can even use it as a guide to creating your marinades.

Easy to Clean

Lastly, we love it so much that this meat injector is very easy to clean. Because of its stainless steel construction, it does not get clogged. Moreover, the included brush that comes with it makes the whole cleaning process a breeze.

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How to Use Premiala Meat Injector

In three simple steps, you can use this injector for marinating your various meats.

premiala meat injector

Step 1: Preparing the Injector

Open the barrel, but before using it, oil the silicon O-ring to make the plunger easier to push. It is best to use a food-grade oil to grease the silicone O-ring. You can close the barrel, and then pull and push the plunger a couple of times.

Step 2: Fill the Injector

Prepare your marinade. Install the needle on the open end of the injector. Reopen the barrel and pour in the marinade. Screw the plunger back.

Step 3: Inject the Meat   

After filling the injector with marinade, insert the needle into the meat you want to inject. Gently push in the plunger while pulling out the needle from the meat as you release the marinade into the meat. Stop injecting just before you get to the surface, or else the marinade will spurt out. Repeat this in different locations of your meat, and you are done.

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In conclusion, with this Premiala meat injector, you get optimum quality and performance all in one. Pump just about anything into your meat, from wine to spices, brine, spices, Cajun, and so on. Grill that tasty, delicious dish that will amaze every one of your family and friend when they taste the difference.

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