Masterbuilt MES 130B Electric Smoker Reviews

We all appreciate the flexibility of an electric smoker when it comes to grilling. As such, it is a pleasure to introduce to you this Masterbuilt MES 130B review. Masterbuilt is a manufacturer of professional-grade fryers, grills, cookers, smokers, and more, founded in 1973. Choose the Masterbuilt smoker for your backyard griller, or on-the-go meat master. We are particularly interested in Masterbuilt smokers because they are perfect for beginners. You can achieve that competition-ready meat in your backyard without the hassle of propane and charcoal. Below are specifications, features, and things you can do with this Masterbuilt pro electric smoker.

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If you are a durably built smoker with ample space to handle your cooking desires go for this Masterbuilt MB20071117 digital smoker. Get this affordable electric smoker today and start smoking with more precision.

  • Width – 20.472 inches
  • Height – 33.268 inches
  • Length – 19.882 inches
  • Cooking Grates – 4 cooking grates
  • Weight – 45.9 pounds
  • Thermostat control
  • Four chrome-coated smoking racks
  • Side wood chip loader
  • Fully insulated body
  • Air damper
  • Water bowl


Review Masterbuilt MES 130B Electric Smoker Under $200


Durability is one of the first features to look out for when buying a smoker. But with the Masterbuilt MES 130b, built with durable steel can stand the test of time. The exterior coating of this unit further adds to the overall durability. And with the excellent, thought put into designing the interior of this smoker also contributes to the durability. The door on this smoker seals properly such that even while cooking no heat escapes. Even the body feels cool to touch as it locks in all the heat.

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Cooking Space

With this Masterbuilt electric smoker, you get up to four chrome-coated cooking racks that provide you with enough space to handy in all your cooking desires. The chrome-coated racks are easy to use because they are non-stick and as such while smoking you can easily flip your food without complications. This 30 inches electric smoker can handy smoking meat to feel a couple or even a crowd. On the cooking racks, you can arrange up to 2 turkey or 4 pork butts, or 6 chickens, or 4 racks of ribs without ever feeling the lack of space. So, when it comes to getting that perfectly smoked meat for that party or family get-together, you can trust this Masterbuilt MES 130B to always deliver.

Precise Temperature Control

Another interesting feature of this smoker that makes it stand out is the precise temperature control it comes with. You get a powerful heating element that can go as high as 275 degrees Fahrenheit. And to make things more interesting, Masterbuilt integrated this unit with a digital control panel that lets you set a precise temperature you want to smoke at. Plus the warranty on this product covers the control panel, so you don’t have to worry about losing control of this unit. And with the air damper on the roof of this smoker, getting that perfect smoking temperature inside this smoker is a breeze.

Smoke Flavorful Tender Meat

Wouldn’t you just love to add just the right flavor to your meat while smoking? Masterbuilt understands the need to add flavor to your meat and as such, they added a smoker wood chip to this unit. Located about ½ – ¾ inches above the heating element, this chip tray was strategically positioned to prevent the wood chips from easily igniting but to produce smoke. Also, the Masterbuilt smoker chip of this unit at the side makes adding more wood chips easy without having to open the door all the time. Moreover, you get an addition of a water tray in this unit. The water tray does not only catch the juice from your meat to prevent it from messing up your smoker. So, with this water tray, you can keep your meat tender throughout the smoking period.

Ease of Use

Using an electric smoker is far easier than a charcoal or propane smoker. All you have to do is plug in the smoker, power it on and you are on your way to smoking tasty meat. The digital control panel on this unit is a big addition that makes this grill super easy to use. You can use the control panel to set a precise smoking temperature. And the best part is that the control panel also lets you set the smoking duration. Another addition that makes using this smoker easy is the chrome-coated racks and interior that are easy to clean. So, after every smoking session, you don’t have to go through the pain of cleaning, as this smoker cleans easily.

  • Affordable smoker
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Easy to clean
  • The interior is painted, which is susceptible to melt at high temperature

Electric Smoker Buyer’s Guide 2023

electric smoker

Below are a few ideas you should check when you want to buy the best possible electric smoker.

1. Size

The first thing you ought to check out remains the size of the smoker. While there are massive smokers in the market that can handle smoking meat for a crowd, what might be right for you might be something portable. So, ask yourself, what you need the smoker for. If all you need a smoker for is to smoke meat for your family, or a small get-together, you don’t need to spend so much buying a restaurant-sized smoker. Also, check the amount of cooking space you can get out of the smoker so you know how much food the smoker can handle.

2. Ease Clean

One hassle with using a smoker is the difficulty of cleaning after use. Smoking is a very long process and can be quite messy too. As such, having a smoker that wouldn’t be so difficult to clean comes in quite handy. So, when buying a smoker, ensure the smoker has a non-stick cooking rack for a start. It would also help if the interior design of the smoker is so designed with a material that does not stain. The essence of taking note of this is so that when you’re cleaning, a few wipes should do the trick.

3. Smoking Flavor

Adding smoke flavor to your meat while smoking is the whole essence of smoking in the first place. Since you are using an electric smoker, you need a chip tray with a wood chip of your choice. The type of wood chip you use is totally up to you. But it is best to have a smoker designed such that you can easily add the wood chip while smoking. A smoker with a side chip tray makes adding wood chips easy.

4. Control System

The control system is the main part of the smoker. The control system gives you the luxury to set the temperature of the smoker. So, it is only wise to look out for the features that come with the control system of the smoker you want to buy. Some smokers come with a control system that features a timer. Others come with a kind of controller that lets you control the smoker with your smartphone.

5. Build Quality

Lastly, the type of material used in constructing the smoker is quite important. Choose a durably built smoker that can stand the test of time. How you will know a smoker is durable is often from the price. Durably built smokers are not quite cheap. But importantly, take note of the type of material used.

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To sum things up, with this Masterbuilt MES 130b review, you’ve got all you need to make a buying decision. If what you need is something affordable yet durable enough to stand the test of time, then this is the right electric smoker for you. Moreover, this 30 inches smoker provides you with enough cooking space to handy enough food for a couple or a large crowd.

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