How to Store Charcoal? And Best Storage Containers for 2022

Lumps of Charcoal and briquette are fuel sources for charcoal grills, and they should be kept dry at all times. Wet Charcoal would not burn well, or would not ignite at all, so you need to know how to store charcoal. You must keep a stock of charcoal for your BBQ charcoal grill to avoid running out of charcoal. So in this review, we would be answering questions like the best charcoal storage containers and how to store Charcoal. Without wasting any more time, let us get into the details. 

The 3 Best Charcoal Storage Containers in 2022

#1. Behrens Galvanized Steel Trash Can – Editor Choice


Made in the USA, Behrens is a galvanized steel can capable of keeping out water and moisture that is bad for your Charcoal. This heavy-duty steel material can also withstand harsh weather, rodents, and chemicals. The Behrens steel can is a 31 gallon can, made from 100% sustainable steel, and are 100% recyclable. There is nothing special about this storage container; it is just like your regular steel trash can. This trash can is portable, and it features an offset bottom, which lifts whatever you store in it off the bare ground. The durable stainless steel handles also make this can portable.

#2. Hudson Exchange 5 Gallons Bucket with Bottom Grip Handle


For a lesser price and to store fewer Charcoal quantities for an extended period, choose the Hudson Exchange container. This container offers a generous 5-gallon storage capacity, and the HDPE material made from 90 mils thick wall construction is very durable. This storage container also comes with a sturdy wire bail handle with a plastic grip for easy mobility. This storage container also comes with a base grip handle for easy lifting and dumping. Storing your Charcoal in this Hudson Exchange bucket would keep your Charcoal dry for a long time.

#3. Sterilite 14669004 27 Gallon or 102 Liter Industrial Tote


The Sterilite is another plastic storage container that would work excellently in preserving your Charcoal. Made in the USA with rugged construction, each bucket offers a storage capacity of up to 27 gallons or 102 liters. This industrial tote also comes with a lid and latches to help secure the cover in place and keep moisture out of the Charcoal. The recess on the cover also allows the tote to stack on each other efficiently. The lid also has some groove design with keyholes that will enable you to tie down the bucket for easy transportation. The channeled wall helps to provide extra strength to prevent crushing under heavy loads.

The 4 Best Way to Store Charcoal for 2022

1. Choosing a Container

Storing Charcoal in containers is one of the most common ways to preserve it. Unlike Charcoal that you can use when it gets wet when briquette gets wet, you cannot use it again. So when choosing a container to store your Charcoal, ensure the container is airtight and has a moisture-proof lid. The best container to choose for storing Charcoal is metal cans. Plastic containers are also suitable for keeping Charcoal dry, but they must be airtight. And to be sure, you can use aluminum duct tape to seal the lid of the container of your choice. By sealing the top with tape, you can genuinely store the Charcoal for the long term without worrying about moisture damaging the Charcoal.

2. Choosing a Storage Spot

Just as choosing the right container to store the Charcoal is essential, keeping the container is equally important. Ensure your storage spot is away from direct sunlight, and in a cool dry place. At the same time, ensure the storage spot is not damp as that can also affect the Charcoal. A dry basement is an ideal example of a good storage spot, or if you run a dehumidifier regularly in your basement, it would also be perfect. An outdoor shed is also another good example. But when storing the container outdoors, ensure it is not on the ground or near a window or direct sunlight.

3. Avoid Contact with Water

If you want to get the best out of your charcoal smoker grill, you should understand the need to use dry Charcoal. Wet Charcoal causes a lot of smoke, and it ends up creating a bitter taste on your food rather than giving it that unique smoky flavor. To avoid your Charcoal coming in contact with water, you need to store it properly. In storing the Charcoal, you need to take note of what to do and what to avoid. For example, avoid leaving the storage container in the rain. After opening a Charcoal bag, use as much as you can then quickly store the rest in a dry airtight container. Leaving the bag of Charcoal open increases its chances of it coming in contact with water.

4. Little Planning

Lastly, to ensure you have good storage for your stock of Charcoal, you need to have a plan, no matter how little it might be. The plan should involve the amount of Charcoal you want to store, and when you expect, you will finish it. It would be best if you also calculated how optimum the storage environment is and how long the Charcoal would last in the condition you store the Charcoal.


In conclusion, grilling with Charcoal makes your food stand out anytime, anywhere. But if you do not know how to store Charcoal properly, grilling on a charcoal grill might be a bit daunting. We have introduced you to three of the best ways you can effectively store Charcoal. You can choose to store your Charcoal in any of the containers we reviewed or choose a new approach that works best for you. If you think you know other methods to store Charcoal effectively, please leave a comment section below. Let us share information.

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