How to Light a Portable Propane Grill – Grill Lighting Step by Step

Portable gas grills can’t work without fire. So you need to know how to light a portable propane grill as the first step to grilling. There are five ways you can light gas grills. However, the method you can use in lighting a gas grill depends on the type of ignition system installed on your grill from the manufacturer. Always ensure your grill’s lid is opened while you light a gas grill. Gas can quickly build up in the grill when the lid is closed, causing an explosion.

What is a Portable Propane Grill?

A portable grill is a type of grill that is easy or convenient to transport. There are several types of portable grills, and a portable propane grill is the most portable grill to get after a portable electric grill. Examples of portable propane grills include portable patio grills, portable RV grills, etc. Portable propane grills feature a small canister of propane gas, making it suitable to use even at campsites.

Why Light on a Portable Propane Grill?

Light a portable propane grill to enjoy tasty meals. All you need is a canister of propane, a portable grill, and meat to enjoy an epic adventure even in a remote location. There are several reasons to light a portable grill, but the obvious reason is to grill your meat. A portable grill gives you the convenience to grill from your comfort location.

How to Light a Portable Propane Grill?

1. Using a Single Spark Ignition

Lighting a grill using a single spark ignition would require you to use two hands. One hand will turn the knob of the portable grill, while the other hand will push the button to send a single spark from the piezoelectric igniter. The mixture of a spark and propane gas equals a lit gas grill. A single spark igniter is quite complex and can be a bit challenging to ignite. As such, this type of ignition is common amongst low-priced grills.

2. Using Continuous Spark Ignition

Lighting a grill with continuous spark ignition would also require the need for two hands. However, some manufacturers have combined the igniter on the knob to make ignition easier. The main difference between a single spark and continuous spark ignition is that the continuous spark draws on battery power to produce a series of spark. This ignition system is easier to use as it can light up your grill on first-trial lighting.

3. Using Flame Thrower Ignition

Some portable gas grills are equipped with a piezoelectric spark integrated into the knob and a gas stream. So, when you turn the knob, the piezoelectric igniter ignites the gas to shoot flame. This type of ignition system is way more efficient and highly reliable because the wide flame contact with the burner increases your chances for instant ignition.

4. Using Hot Surface Ignition

The same way the technology in flame thrower ignition works, hot surface ignition also works by turning a knob. In this ignition system, a jet of gas is projected towards a small heating element held at a steady glow. Starting up a grill with this ignition is highly-reliable and mostly featured on luxurious grills. Although using a hot surface ignition to light a grill and offers a higher chance for first-time lighting, you still need to have this grill plugged into a power source to use it.

5. Using Lighter

Lastly, if your gas grill’s ignition system fails and refuses to power on your grill, then you would have to go back to ignition your grill with a lighter. Use a long lighter and matchstick to light your grill. Turn the knob of your grill such that it starts to ooze out gas, then light the matchstick or lighter and place it on the tube of your grill.


In conclusion, lighting a portable propane grill is not tricky. Anybody can light a propane grill. Although accidents can happen, and we can be careless at times. As such, it can be a bit dangerous when you don’t know the dos and don’ts of lighting a grill. But we hope you have a clear idea of how to light a portable propane grill now. Stay safe and happy grilling.

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