Grilling Indoors: Expert Tips and Tricks on How to Grill Indoors

We cannot deny that outdoor grilled food has a unique texture, feel, and flavor. So if you live in an environment where you do not have the outdoor grilling space, or it is too cold outside, then learning how to grill indoors may be your only option to getting that delicious grilled food. With the right indoor Grill, you can quickly reproduce those delicious outdoor grilled dishes indoors. Before we go further, we would like to point out that you cannot use an outdoor griddle inside, even in your garage. Gas and charcoal grill produces a lot of carbon monoxide, and in a confined environment, a small amount can kill you. Since using an outdoor grill is too dangerous even to attempt, let us start this guide by choosing a suitable indoor Grill for you then we proceed to how to use it.

How to Grill Indoors Easy 2 Steps

In grilling indoors, there are two main things you need to worry about, the right indoor Grill to use and how to use it. But if you are worried about ventilation problems, you can put the food in your oven. And to get those unique grate marks on your food, press the food on a grill pan for a few minutes before loading it in your preheated oven.

#1. Choose a Suitable Indoor Grill

The most common and suitable Grill to use indoors is electric grills. There are also some indoor gas grills you can use. The only downfall of most indoor Grill is the lack of actually using real smoke while cooking. But do not worry, because you can fake the smoke flavor on your food with marinade or super smoke-heavy barbeque sauce. Apart from selecting between gas and electric grill, there is also the issue of size to put into consideration. Based on how big you want your Grill to be, three main types of indoor grills to choose from; a range top or stovetop grill, a countertop dual-sided grill, and a one-sided countertop grill.

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If you have very little space or do not want to compromise or sacrifice your counter space, get a grill pan. Grill pan made from cast iron or stainless steel is durable and very affordable. They are similar to your regular pan, just that they mimic the cooking grate of grills giving your foods those same char marks. Moreover, Grill pans mostly have a porcelain-enameled coating, which is non-stick, making it easy to clean after every use. The trick of getting the best grill pan is to find one with a lot of mass that can sear better.

Another very vital feature you should not ignore when choosing a suitable indoor grill. This is to go for a Grill with an adjustable heat setting. Some indoor Grills have only one setup, while others allow you to increase or reduce the heat. Some more versatile indoor grills will allow you to create different heating zones on the Grill. But the main idea is to get a Grill that will enable you to adjust the temperature while cooking to make sure your food cooks well without getting burnt. And if you are using a top grill pan, you can easily adjust the temperature by adjusting the level of heat of the stove. However, the different width and length of the heating section affect how you can change the pan’s heat.

Lastly, check on the grill grease management and ease of cleaning. Most indoor grills come with a slanted surface that allows the fat to drip off through the center. Some Grills may even come with a built-in tray or plate to collect the fat. Because most countertop indoor grills have an excellent grease management system, it would not be so difficult to clean. And because these countertop indoor grills are non-stick, it would also contribute to the ease of cleaning. But most grill pans do not come with any method to drain excess oil. A grill pan can be a bit messy with oil splattering when grilling a lot of food.

#2. Using the Grill

Getting the right indoor Grill to use is one step, but using it is another critical step. One mistake you should avoid when grilling is turning the food prematurely. If you flip your food before it is ready, it may fall apart or cook unevenly. Importantly, whether you use an electric or gas countertop indoor Grill after turning it on. Allow it to get to the right temperature before loading it with food. You may need a thermometer to monitor the temperature at which you are grilling regularly.

Grilling on some indoor grills may require you to cook for a little longer than others. Especially when you are using an electric grill, you may spend more time as the coil of the electric grill needs time to heat up. The same applies to top grilling pans, depending on the strength of the heating source, you would still need time for the Grill pan to heat up. The amount of time it takes for your meat to cook depends on the heat and the cut of meat. But to be on the safe side, estimate between 10-15 minutes to Grill meat in a double-sided grill.

While you Grill, add the flavor you want to have in your food. If you are grilling meat, you can marinate it with wine, beer, or a super smoke heavy barbeque sauce. Lightly brush basting sauce on your good to give it the best flavor you love. But do not overdo it as some sauces are acidic and could make the meat tough after grilling. Avoid over-applying acidic spices to thin cuts of meat like boneless meat, skinless chicken, or turkey, or delicate fish.
And after every session of grilling, do not forget to clean up the Grill. Properly maintaining a grill would significantly tell how long the Grill will last. Avoid using harsh cleaning like harsh scrub iron brushes, steel wool, and so on. Use hot water to soften food that sticks to the Grill. Dish soap and a sponge would be enough to clean the Grill. After washing down the Grill, rinse properly with clean water. Allow the water to drain off completely, and the Grill is adequately dry before storing the Grill for use next time.


Take advantage of this learning guide and learn how to grill indoors. Apart from the weather not allowing your Grill outside and the likes, indoor grills are suitable for times when you want to grill food for yourself and a friend. So, nothing is stopping you now from enjoying those delicious tastes of cooked food. Get an indoor grill and expand your collection of recipes. You can Grill almost anything you can Grill on an outside Grill in an indoor grill as well. In summary, use this guide to get the best Grill that suits your needs and learn how to use it to get the most out of it.

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