How to Clean a Flat Top Grill – Beginner’s Cleaning Guide Step by Step

We all know the fuss that comes with cleaning a grill after every use. Sometimes, many of us leave our grill dirty for days before eventually cleaning it. However, cleaning a griddle shouldn’t be something we avoid. When you know how to clean a flat top grill the easy way, it takes away the fuss. In this review, we would teach you the best way to clean a griddle. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn tips to help you clean a flat top grill before and after grilling. So, regardless of whether you’re a home cook or a chef, a dirty grill will affect the flavor.

Flat Top Griddle Cleaning Process Step by Step

Now, let’s talk about the steps to clean your grill before and after using it. But first, let’s see what you’d need.

Cleaning Tools

  1. Griddle brush
  2. Oil
  3. Griddle scraper
  4. Grill screen
  5. Paper towel
  6. 2-3 different dishcloth or rag
  7. Sponge
  8. Dish soap
  9. Warm water
  10. Vinegar

How to Clean Flat Top Griddle Before Grilling?

1. Clean with a Rag

If you keep good hygiene, your grill shouldn’t be all that dirty when you want to grill. So, using a clean rag to wipe the flat top griddle sometimes is enough. The rag will help remove any dust that might have settled on the griddle over time. However, what the rag wouldn’t do is remove all the greased oil from the griddle.

2. Warm the Griddle

Because you greased your griddle before storing it, it is best to remove that oil before grilling. To do so, warm the griddle by igniting the grill. The idea here is to warm and not heat up, so keep the grill on a low setting. Warming your griddle for 5-10 minutes should be enough to melt the oil, making it easier to clean.

3. Use Dish Soap and Sponge

To clean any remaining oil on top of the griddle, mix dish soap in a water bowl, preferably warm water. Moreover, most outdoor griddles feature a removable flat top griddle making it easy to wash. Wash the flat top griddle with the soap to remove all the soap from the surface. Ensure you rinse the flat top griddle properly after washing.

4. Dry the Griddle

After washing the grilling, place them outside for the water to drain from it before using it. You can also make them dry faster by using the second rag to mop the water from the surface. Set the griddle back on your grill, and you are one step closer to grilling on your griddle.

5. Grease with Vegetable Oil

Please turn on the grill, and place it on low to warm up the griddle. As the griddle warms up, grease it with vegetable oil. This oil will help make cooking on the griddle easier, especially delicate foods like fish or burgers, amongst others.

How to Clean Flat Top Griddle After Grilling?

1. Scrape Burnt Food

After grilling on your flat top griddle, cleaning it can be quite a hassle. First, turn on the grill and set it to about 250 degrees as it would help make the process easier. Use slow, deliberate movement while scraping the griddle, so you don’t get a burn. Scrap the griddle with a griddle scraper to remove the burnt food from the griddle. But be cautious as you scrape so you do not scratch the griddle.

2. Brush the Griddle

Next, use the griddle brush or grill screen to remove any leftover food particle on the griddle. Similarly, be careful while brushing the griddle, so you don’t get a burn. Use oil and a grill screen to scrub the griddle. Do not also forget to clean the inside and backsplash of the griddle.

3. Wipe off Any Remaining Oil from the Griddle

After all food particles have been removed from the griddle, you can now remove the oil from the griddle. Use a dry rag to wipe off any remaining oil from the griddle.

4. Wash with Dish Soap and Sponge

Griddle cleaning after grilling also involves the use of soap and water, preferably warm water. You can also use vinegar to clean the griddle. The point of using either soap or vinegar to clean your griddle is to remove any leftover oil, leaving your griddle sparkling clean. After washing it, keep it aside to dry properly.

5. Remove Grease Pan and Clean

Also, remove the Grease pan for cleaning. Dispose of any fat or juice in it. Use soap and water to clean the Grease pan as well. Do not also forget to clean the drawer where you pulled the Grease pan. After cleaning it, keep it aside to dry as well.

6. Clean other Surfaces

You should also clean other areas of the grill like the burner area, exterior, shelves, drawers, and other surfaces. You can also use warm water and dish soap to clean these different areas. Don’t also forget to clean the surroundings where you keep your grill.

7. Grease with Vegetable Oil

After cleaning every part of the grill, put the grill back together. Replace the Grease pan into the grill and the griddle back on top of the grill. But do not store the grill like that as it is prone to rust. So, grease the griddle with vegetable oil. Use a paper towel to spread a light layer of vegetable oil on the griddle.


Now that you know how to clean a flat top grill, the rest is left to you to keep good hygiene. Keeping your griddle clean is one step to preparing delicious meals. A dirty grill will not only affect the aroma and flavor of your food but also affect the color as well. So, clean your griddle regularly. Please do not wait until you need to use your griddle before you clean it. Kindly leave a comment in the comment section if you have any questions or requests.

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