How to Replace a Grill Burner Tube Guideline

Are you having issues with your burner tubes? Well, this article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to replace a grill burner tube.

While it may seem like replacing your grill burner tubes may be difficult, it is quite easier than you think.

All it takes is 15 minutes or less of your time, working gloves, Philip screwdriver, and pliers.

Conversely, how do you tell when to replace grill burner tubes? Well, you will learn that in this article, as we will give you instances when it’s ideal to change your gas grill burner.

We will also talk about how long BBQ burner tubes last, and give you tips to help you care for them.

Overall, this article will guide you on all you need to know about caring for your burner tubes. So, let’s get started.

6 Steps on How to Replace a Gas Grill Burner

As discussed earlier, replacing a gas grill burner tube is easier than you think. First, get all the tools needed for the repair site. With the required tools at hand, the steps below will show you how to replace a grill burner tube.

Step 1: Turn off the Gas Tank

Whether you own a Weber Genesis grill, or a Weber Spirit grill, how to change the BBQ burner tubes always start by turning off the gas supply. It is important to turn off the gas supply for safety reasons. Preferably, detach the tank completely from the grill if your grill uses propane gas tanks.

Similarly, if you own a grill that uses a natural gas line, turn off the supply from the main source. The reason is pretty straightforward, the tiniest leak in a gas line can cause a fire hazard. And even with safety gears on, a gas fire hazard can be quite catastrophic. So, it’s better to stay safe than sorry!

Step 2: Remove the Grate and Flame Tamer

With the gas supply off, the next thing to do is to disassemble the BBQ. Start by removing its grate. Depending on your BBQ model and design, removing the grate may vary.

Generally, grates are designed such that you can remove them by simply taking them off. Only a few BBQ models are designed with their grates screwed or clipped down.

Furthermore, in this guide on how to replace a gas grill burner, you also need to remove the flame tamer.

The flame tamer is often a flat metal that shields the burner. Its use is to prevent direct contact between the flame and the food. The flame tamer also prevents drippings from dropping on the burner tubes.

Step 3: Detach the Burner Tube

Successfully removing the grate and flame tamer will reveal the burner tubes. While it may seem a bit technical to remove the burner tubes, it’s easier than you think.

For this step, you will need the Philips screwdriver and pliers. In this guide on how to replace burner tubes on Weber grills, we will be looking at burners mounted on a manifold.

As such, with the pliers, pull out the cotter pin. The cotter pin is often located at the back of the burner.

Next, with the Philips screwdriver, remove the burner mounting screw. After removing the cotter pin and the screw, you have to pull the burner back and then up to remove it.

Step 4: Install the New Burner Tube

You pretty much install a new burner tube the same way you removed the old one. But first, you need to purchase the right burner tube for your grill. Ideally, we recommend buying the new burner tube online, preferably from the manufacturer’s website.

This is because most often, you wouldn’t find the right replacement gas grill burner at your local store.

To purchase the right burner tube, you’d need the model number of your grill, often located at the underside or back of the cart. Once you have the replacement burner tube, simply push it into the manifold.

Thereafter, reinstall the mounting screw and the cotter pin, and you are done.

Step 5: Reassemble the Grill

With the new burner tube installed, you can go ahead to reassemble the grill. First, carefully replace the flame tamer on the burner. Ensure the flame tamers are well set, else it would affect the evenness of the burner flame. Next, replace the grates on the grill. When done, your grill is all set and ready to start grilling.

Step 6: Turn on the Gas

Replacing appliances yourself, especially one involving fire and gas can be hazardous. However, if you did everything precisely, then you have nothing to worry about. Although, you still have to test the burners you replaced to be sure it’s working perfectly.

So, first, open the valve supply of gas to the grill. Thereafter, slowly turn on the burners with its knob. When ignited, carefully observe the burners to ensure they are burning normally. If they are, then you are all done and the burner tubes have been successfully changed.

When to Replace a Gas Grill Burner?

Burner tubes are like the heart of your grill. And with every appliance, they don’t last forever. However, how can you tell when to replace grill burners? In most cases, the indication you need to replace or repair your grill burner tubes is often profound.

In this guide on how to replace Weber Genesis burner tubes, we will elaborate on 4 situations when to replace or repair your grill burners.

Burner Tube Has Clogged Holes

Yes, your BBQ burner tubes can get clogged. The little holes across the tube can get clogged with food particles, insect infestation due to poor storage, or rust, amongst many other reasons. These holes are where the flame is produced. If the burner tubes on your grill are clogged you free it up by cleaning it. Remove the burner from the grill and use a wire brush to clean the rush and a pin to poke each hole to free it up.

However, if cleaning the burner tube does not fix the issue, then we recommend changing the burner tube. Because the burner tube is clogged, it wouldn’t produce an even flame.

And if there is anything about grilling that you should avoid, it is an uneven temperature. An uneven flame will lead to inconsistent grilling temperature.

Overall, it would be after the result of your grilling.

Large Flames Coming from the Burner Tubes

Another indication that you need to change the burner tubes is when you notice large flames. These large flames may be a result of large holes in the burner tubes.

Or it could be that the burner tubes have holes in other parts, which could be a potential fire hazard threat. In most cases, these large holes are a result of rust among other things. While rusting is not completely avoidable, there are some care tips we will give you later in this article to help your burner last longer.

But it is important to note that the burner will eventually go bad irrespective of how careful you are. It’s just a matter of time for the burner to either go bad from an oxidative reaction between the flame and the metal, or from rusting. However, when it does go bad, knowing how to replace the grill burner tube will come in handy.

So, when you notice large flames coming from your burner tubes, we recommend replacing them immediately to avoid a potential fire hazard.

When the Burner Tube is Bent

Another scenario where you can either repair or replace the burner tube is when you notice the burner tube on your grill is bent. If you often inspect your grill, you should be able to pick up on it in no time. If you are experiencing low flame, uneven heating, and low temperature, among other issues, it is most likely a result of a bent burner tube.

A bent burner tube can be caused by mishandling during transportation, or an accident during a cleaning session.

You can choose to either repair it or replace it. However, repairing it is less expensive compared to replacing it. To repair it by carefully straightening the burner tube. But be careful not to snap the burner.

The implication of using a bent burner tube is the risk of a fire hazard. Apart from the inconsistency in the temperature you are most likely to face, the burner could snap or cut leading to a fire hazard.

Weak Points in the Burner Tubes

One thing about metals is that when it starts to rust, it doesn’t rust uniformly. Some parts get more rust than other portions. As such, when the burner tubes start to rust, some portions will get more rust, leading to weak points in the burner tubes. When you notice these weak points, it is advisable to change the burner tube immediately.

Using a grill with weak points in the burner tube is a potential fire hazard. If you continue using a grill with weak points in the burner tube, eventually, a day will come when those points will snap. And when that happens, it could lead to an uncontrollable fire hazard when it only takes a few minutes to learn how to change burners on the Weber Spirit grill.

How Long do BBQ Burner Tubes Last?

If one of your purchasing requirements before you buy a grill is knowing how long BBQ grills last? Well, on average, BBQ burner tubes can last for up to three years or more.

Note, how long a BBQ grill lasts depends on how you care for it. In reality, with proper care and maintenance, most Weber grill burner tubes can last for up to 10 years or more before needing a replacement.

Tips on How to Care for a Gas Grill Burner Tube

As we said, how well you care for your gas grill burner tube will determine how long it lasts. Note, it’s better to make small repairs than to wait for them to build up. Below are a few tips to follow to help you care for your gas grill burner tube better.

Avoid Food Drippings

While grilling, try as much as possible to avoid food from dripping directly on the burner tubes. Ensure the flame tamer is well-adjusted and covers the burners.

And if your grill has a grease tray, ensure you use it when grilling a food item with lots of drippings.

Always Clean After Every Grilling Session

Also, cultivate the habit of cleaning your grill after every grilling session. Before using your grill, use a paper towel to clean off the dust and oil. And after grilling, ensure you immediately clean it with soap and warm water depending on how dirty it is.

If you make use of soap and warm water to clean your grill, ensure you allow it to dry properly before storing it.

Store Properly

Additionally, how you store your grill is also important. After cleaning your grill, it helps to grease the grates and other parts with oil to prevent rust. Also, ensure you store it away from the rain if you wouldn’t be using it frequently.

Your garage or a shed are great places to store the grill till your next grilling session. And ensure you always use a waterproof grill cover, this will protect the grill from dust and moisture.

Final Opinion

In conclusion, while replacing grill burner tubes will require you to dismantle your grill, don’t let that worry you.

As we explained in this article it takes only a few minutes and equipment to get it done. Luckily, you don’t have to replace your grill burner in all scenarios.

As we explained in this article, in some cases, you can repair the burner tube, while sometimes you have to replace it.

Overall, you wouldn’t need to repair or replace your grill’s burner tube if you care for your grill properly.

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