Giantex Propane Tabletop 2 Burner Gas Grill Reviews [Update 2021]

As an avid camper, having a portable grill goes a long way. With a portable tabletop gas grill, you can maximize limited outdoor cooking space. A BBQ tabletop grill like the Giantex propane tabletop gas grill is a perfect choice as it is affordable and offers a decent amount of cooking area. Plus you get the flexibility of easy transportation to a campsite and the right heat to sear food over direct heat. Giantex OP3243 grill is well built with all the right features to make outdoor cooking a delight. The Giantex OP3243 can also serve as the best portable RV grill. So, in this RV portable grill review, we would be looking at how this grill performs and whether or not it is worth the price.

Giantex Propane Tabletop Gas Grill Stainless Steel 2 Burner BBQ

Giantex is one of North American’s leading service-centric e-retailer stores with a global reach in more than 10 countries. They are known for their high-quality products at a good price. Giantex offers a wide range of products ranging from outdoors to indoors, and they have one of the best customer services.

  • Height: 15 inches
  • Width: 18 inches
  • Length: 22 inches
  • Weight: 26 inches
  • Cooking space: 20.5-inch x 13-inch
  • Heating capacity: 20,000 BTUs
  • Construction material: 430 stainless steel
  • Durable construction material
  • Portable grill with foldable legs
  • Two burners grill for added versatility
  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • Locking lid with latches
  • Well-designed air vent for more grilling efficiency
  • Foldable legs for easier transport
  • Concealed grease tray for easy cleaning


Giantex Propane Tabletop Gas Grill Review in 2021

1. Durable Construction and Easy to Assemble

Interestingly, Giantex made use of the durable 430 stainless steel construction material on the OP3243 grill. Many grills in this price range are made of 304 stainless steel, which may be a bit more durable, with little to no difference in the price. But the 430 stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion because of the higher quantity of chromium, which also contributes to the very attractive gleam. Also, this unit comes pre-assembled. All you need are some basic household tools to put it together. Although the Giantex OP3243 is a portable grill, it isn’t designed to run on a 1-pound propane canister. It comes with a 40-inch flexible hose with a coupler that you can use to connect to a larger liquid propane tank like an RV propane system.

2. Grilling Performance

Another interesting feature of this grill is the two independently controlled stainless steel burners with a rating of 10,000 BTUs each. As such, you can use this two-burner portable gas grill to create two heating zones to increase your grilling versatility. Moreover, the burners are unlike the usual burners with straight tubes. The burners on the Giantex OP3243 are curved forming a U-shape, which covers more grounds giving you an ultimate even heating surface. As such, using this grill gives you an ambiance to grill evenly cooked meat and vegetables without burning the exterior.

3. Cooking Area

In this stainless steel tabletop grill, you get a steel cooking grate, measuring 20.5-inch x 13-inch for a spacious 266.5 square inches grilling space. Although this Giantex grill does not come with a warming rack, there’s enough space on the grate to cook enough in one session. Apart from that, the cook-box is deeper than most of its competitors. This means that you are less likely to have problems with the wind when grilling. Plus, the well-designed air vent ensures sufficient air gets into the grill for an optimal grilling experience. The cook-box also features lockable lids thanks to the inclusion of the latches, which lets you easily pack up and move or store it conveniently.

4. Special Features

Giantex put a lot of thought into the construction of this grill, so it’s no surprise there is hardly any flaw in its design. The inclusion of the lid thermometer is a nice touch you don’t see in most other grills in this same class. The lid-mounted thermometer lets you grill with precision, to get that perfect texture or doneness. Another feature we find exciting about this stainless steel tabletop gas grill is the foldable legs and overall weight. The legs fold outwards to give you a sturdy stand when you set it on a table, but you can also collapse the leg when not in use for easy storage.

5. Easy to Clean

The cook-box of this tabletop stainless steel grill is constructed in such a way that it directs drippings towards the grease tray at the bottom. The grease tray is concealed such that you can access it by pulling it out sideways. As such, the grease tray will not ruin the overall design and compact nature of this grill. Moreover, since the stainless steel grates are less sticky, they clean easily. Plus, you can remove the grates in this Giantex grill, giving you more room to clean other parts of the cook-box. It would have been a nice feature if Giantex included a flame tamer. Because without the flame tamer, drippings can block the flame port. If it does, while cleaning, use a toothpick or pin to poke the holes to clear out the blockage.

6. Warranty

Unlike other gas grills that come with many years warranty, the Giantex OP3243 comes with a year limited warranty coverage in case of manufacturer defects. This warranty does not cover damage due to mishandling or other wears and tears from using the grill.

  • Portable and compact
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Included lid-mounted thermometer
  • Best two-burner gas grill you can get for the money
  • Durable stainless steel BBQ tabletop grill
  • No flame tamer included, so there is a potential of drippings blocking the flame port on the burner

Tabletop Gas Grill Beginner Buyer’s Guide of 2021

1. Cooking Area

Although when buying a portable BBQ tabletop grill, it’s expected that the cooking area would be quite small. Note, 150 square inches of the cooking area can cook 6 or 10 chicken breasts or 8 burgers. Use this benchmark to decide the right size of the cooking area that will suit your needs.

2. Advertence

The idea of a portable grill is to have a small grill you can use easily. A BBQ tabletop grill is a perfect grill you should be able to take along with you while going on a picnic, tailgating, or camping. So, the design needs to be simple, and compact enough for easy transportation.

3. Portability

Portability is a feature that tells us how easy it would be to transport the grill. When putting the portability of a grill into consideration, you would need to take note of the weight, and dimension of the grill. Extras like lockable lids and foldable legs make the grill compact and more portable.

4. Ease of Cleaning

One feature that makes a grill easy to clean is an excellent grease management system. A good grease management system starts with the design of the grates. The grates need to be non-stick and allow drippings. There should be flame tamers in place to catch the drippings so it doesn’t clog the burners. Any dripping that does not sizzle into moisture to saturate the meat, should fall into the grease tray.

5. Material

Also, put into account the type of material used to construct your grill. Materials come in different grades like the 304 and 430 stainless steel. Spend a little extra to get premium quality material on your grill that can stand the test of time.


To wrap things up, the Giantex propane tabletop gas grill is the best two burner gas grill for the money. It is lightweight, and well designed for easy mobility. The Giantex OP3243 isn’t a tabletop grill that can only sear off the burger and hot dogs but can do all the same functions as a full-sized grill.

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